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Work & Professions

The work available to the vast population of Techniconica tends to be manual labour of some description such as mining or farming.


One of the most common professions on Techniconica is mining – virtually anyone strong enough to wield a pickaxe can mine, although it is often seen as a degrading profession for anyone who can't afford a mining Mech to pilot.

Mining itself is relatively low paying job and most families have someone who is currently or has mined at some point in their life.


Agri-farms are an important fact of life as they provide the raw food required to feed the populations of the Districts. All produce is sold either through farm-specific traders or through other avenues such as farmers auctions where interested bidders buy given quantities of food.


Commerce is everywhere on Techniconica and is an essential part of daily live for even the lowest agri-farmer all the way up to the highest rulers of the Districts. Every resource can be bought and bartered for – even manual labour has it's price on the open market.

There are the traders who run large trading emporiums which sell their wares to all those that can afford their prices whilst others ply their business between the Districts themselves, buying and selling commodities across borders and earning a nice profit in the process.


Technologists are the thinkers, developers and scientists of Techniconica society. The continue to pace of technological advancements need to keep their District ahead of the other Districts whether that be in military conflicts, mining capabilities or simply out-farming the other Districts and providing for the populace at large.


As far back as the first Districts, there have been raiders. They ply the lawless wastes, seeking those who are foolish enough to try to cross the wastes between Districts. Most raiders collect into loose groups for mutual protection and because most wise traders pay mercenaries to protect them whilst travelling across the wastes.


Guns for hire are a common job for those with the guts and credits to scrap together to buy a decent gun or fighting Mech. Mercenaries duties range from basic guard duty to covert operations at the behest of one of the Districts in so-called “Black Ops†where plausible deny-ability are required.