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Overview and General Description

Wasters are small, dog-like creatures with little to no intellect of their own. They are exceptionally hardy, living off carcasses of those that die out in the wastes and are able to feed off decaying bodies and even old bones with little trouble thanks to their extended digestive tracts to cope with the great variety of food stuffs they consume.


Wasters are prone to be flighty when encountered singly, but are certainly more courage when they are encountered in larger numbers, often attacking stranded humans and other creatures en mass to subdue and kill them with vicious bites.


Wasters are preyed upon by most other larger creatures out in the wastes, including the sand worms that have adapted a specially potent venom that causes rampant seizures in wasters when they are attacked although , they can pose a significant threat to even these higher order creatures if they are in sufficient enough numbers.

Distribution & Breeding

Few people have studied the breeding habits or distribution of the wasters in any great detail, although they are believed to be one of the most widespread animals, found throughout Techniconica across nearly all continents.