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Underground Transport System

The Underground Transport System or UTS is a system for inter-District transport that is fully autonomous and self-governing. Each District is linked by a large hub-like network of underground tunnels which are sealed by airlocks which prevent egress by humans and allow only artificially controlled robotic cars which transport goods, material and personnel.

Tunnel Network

Each tunnel is a reinforced carbonised steel tunnel construction, which not only keeps the tunnel structurally sound, but also allows the tunnels cars to operate in a complete vacuum, increasing transit speeds and inefficiencies caused by air resistance when en-route.

The cars themselves are high efficient transport nodes which rely on both magnetic propulsion and conventional electrically powered wheel based redundant systems which are powered by a separate electric battery system.


Each tunnel is maintained by an automated network of repair robots which constantly renew and rebuild the network of tunnels when necessary. Each repair bot is a built to never leave the relative safe confines of the tunnel network, although each repair bot is a robust construct capable of surviving in both a vacuum and also in high pressure environments.

Adaptive System

The system itself was designed to be adaptive, with new tunnels being built as older tunnels are “retired” and abandoned by the maintenance robots. However, it goes beyond simply renewing the system, as new routes are identified which will increase the overall efficiency of the system by design.