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Tullinor is unusual in that the vast majority of it's population live deep underground in the remnants of the complex tunnel network of mines that once stretched across the region where the settlement is situated. The entrances to the settlement are fiercely guarded by a loyal cadre of warriors turned priests whom see martial prowess as a means to itself. Little else is known about the settlement itself, although they permit those who mine to come and go as they please as long as they obey the commands and tenants of the warrior coven.

District Statistics

Current Population35,333
Population Growth Ratio6.325 (532.5% increase)
Settlement Land Area12.5664km2
Population Density2,811.7108 pop/km
Male/Female Ratio1.0016 m/f ratio

Population Growth


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Commonly Available Mining Resources

Material NameCurrent PriceMaterial Type
Unrefined Carbon0.00 CR per KGOre
Tin Ore0.00 CR per KGOre
Lead Ore0.00 CR per KGOre
Copper Ore1.00 CR per KGOre
Iron Ore0.00 CR per KGOre
Nickel Ore2.00 CR per KGOre
Barium Ore1.00 CR per KGOre
Bismuth Ore2.00 CR per KGOre
Aluminum Ore2.00 CR per KGOre
Gallium Ore2.63 CR per KGOre
Indium Ore4.00 CR per KGOre
Titanium Ore24.00 CR per KGOre