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Trapt is a word which means "wanders" in the native tongue of those who dwell in the Bungarian valley. They are distinctly protective of their own clansmen, and will openly attack outsiders who stray into their territory. In recent times, they have learned that attacking armed Mech conveys is little more than suicidal due to the clansmen reluctance to use anything technological in nature and prefer to ride into battle atop large hunting beasts that they have tamed for that sole purpose.

District Statistics

Current Population0
Population Growth Ratio0.000 (-100% increase)
Settlement Land Area12.5664km2
Population Density0.0000 pop/km
Male/Female Rationan m/f ratio

Population Growth

Current Population Occupations

Occupation NameTotal WorkersFemaleMaleAvg. IncomeAvg. Credit Total
Unemployed - Underage301,776151,021150,755615 CR11,734 CR
Enforcer93,43946,87146,568504 CR279,931 CR
Transportation Exec93,40246,82246,580251 CR223,062 CR
Trader92,98246,57146,4114,988 CR659,641 CR
Politician92,83846,29046,5482,560 CR778,958 CR
Bureaucrat/Clerk92,78046,31446,466505 CR252,428 CR
Miner92,72046,33046,3902,493 CR777,180 CR
Mercenary92,48446,06146,4234,996 CR1,382,797 CR
Agri-Farmer88,96244,53344,429501 CR270,895 CR
Military Personnel31,36615,62015,746502 CR652,291 CR
Unemployed1,7298668634 CR530,926 CR