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Tiberan Candorin

Family History

Tiberian heralds from a poor family in the eastern region of Raglor. He had to content not only with daily battles for food with the other poor families, but also with the majority of his family being struck down with the "rancid pox", a virulent disease spreading throughout the eastern quarter of Raglor at the time.

Although Tiberian was never struck down by rancid pox himself, he did lose most of his family to it because they couldn't afford the cost of proper medical care and this left him bitter and resentful for many years.

Political Sponsorship

Tiberian's big break came with a chance meeting with Landor Oralin, a wealthy crop baron. Whatever Landor saw in Tiberian could only be guessed at although many believe it was his drive and determination to change the state of Raglor for the better that Lander saw.

After several years of being unsuccessful at gaining any measure of power, Tiberian eventually gave up and settled into a life of mediocrity and started to raise a family with his wife, Tanya.

The Organ Gangs

Several bands of organised criminals had been plague Raglor's poor areas for generations, preying upon the destitute and offering quick credits in exchange for organ "donations." However, not everyone survived their "donations" and when Tanya was forcefully taken by one such gang, Tiberian's life crumbled.

Tiberian once again took up the mantle of politician, this time with the sole intent of riding Raglor of the Organ gangs and this time, his political career took off, propelling him to Governorship within the space of a few years.

Current Political Stance

Tiberian is now a close personal friend of Cataonus Mung and although he has eschewed any political sponsorship of his own since taking the seat of Governor, he does have certain issues which drive him to push the status quo and argue endlessly with Cataonus about.

One such issue is the state of the Raglorian army, for Tiberian believes that it is only through continued contact with the other Districts can Techiconica truly prosper. Cataonus himself seems such diplomatic missions as fruitless and bound to failure.