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Tiarian Mung

Family History

Tiarian himself is the head of the Mung family living amongst the nobility of Farran District and is a very distant cousin of Cataonus Mung, the ruling Monarch of Raglor. Tiarian himself has great enmity for Cataonus because he believes he should be the current ruling monarch of Raglor and that the "Divide" prevented him from rising to the Throne.

The Divide

Shortly before the Great War, one branch of the Mung family were sent to Farran on a political exercise to strengthen the bonds between the two Districts but were cut off when the first nuclear attacks occurred and the Districts were sealed off to weather the brunt of the attacks.

Since then, that particular branch of the Mung family has continued to grow in power despite the constant intrigues plaguing the ruling families of Farran today.

Political Power

Tiarian himself commands great personal wealth and he maintains a standing army of his own mercenaries whom carry out his orders without moral compulsions nor conscious and it is by this virtue that he is probably the only person in a position to exert any political power, if he had the desire to do so.