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Tegeris Lorach

Rise to Power

Lorach was groomed from a very early age to lead the Raglorian people to glory and wealth. When he eventually took the throne at the age of 15, he had been groomed to such an extent that he was little more than a puppet for their family to manipulate the turbulent political landscape of Raglor itself.

It wasn't until Tiberian Candrorin took the seat of Governor of Raglor that that all changed. Instead of eking out whatever wealth he could from the governorship as his predecessors had, Tiberian begun to systematically challenge the rulings of young Tegeris and by extension, the manipulations of the monarch's family.

The Offer

When Tegeris eventually had had enough of the questions and constant challenges, he, in private, offered Tiberian the throne - ÂÂand he refused. Instead, he made a counter offer, to aid the monarch in cementing his powerbase and undoing the harm he had inadverdantly caused the District.

The young Cataonus took the counter-offer and within weeks, the Raglorian people saw stark change in the rulership of their District. Gone were the self-centred, elitist laws passed to further the agendas of the rich and to persecute the poor. Taxes were levied against the rich, much to the outcry of the Raglor nobility. In the wake of such sweeping changes, support for the Monarch and the Governor skyrocketed, and they gained favour with the people quickly to such an extent that they became hailed as the savours of the District.

However, perhaps the most widespread were the diplomatic overtures to the other Districts. Within weeks, envoys had travelled across Techniconica, offering peace treaties and gifts to the most powerful men on the planet in the hopes of garnering support.

Although these diplomatic missions were fruitless, their true purpose were quiet the success. Raglorian ambassadors were successful in contacting a number of Raglorian spies planted years before, and the information gained was gathered and a number of plans put in place to monitor and counter attempts by the other Districts to subvert the rule of the monarch.

Family & Upbringing

Tegeris' family were amongst the most influential amongst the Raglorian nobility. Tegeris himself was born into a family of four daughters and although he was the youngest, it was Tegeris who ascended to the throne because of ancient Raglorian traditions stating that only males may ascend.

Despite this, Tegeris was always seen as a poor relation of the family, often treated with animosity amongst his siblings out of jealousy and resentment. It was only his parents that took an keen interest in him as they had begun to groom him to be little more than a puppet for their own ambitions and to some extent, they had succeeded for when he did ascend, Tegerius had little political will or authority of his own.