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Overview and General Description

Skywings are the aerial predators of the skies, growing in size up to 1.2m with an average wingspan of 4m. They pack vicious predatory instincts with a keen eyesight and the guile to attack virtually everything that presents itself.

Skywings are usually a deep shade of blue and have leathery skin. Their wings are often mottled, with males showing a striking patterning of greens, blues and purples whereas the females typically bear simple blue mottling.

Their heads are crested with a long snout that ends in a thicken chitin like substance that tapers into a sharp point, allowing them to spear their prey. They also have four eyes, set quiet high up on their heads and they also posses two sets of wings and a single pair of legs ending in hooked claws.


The Skywing has no natural predators short of man. Their meat makes up a small percentage of the fringe settlement diets, although they are rarely eaten outside of upmarket Prain restaurents where their meat is considered a delicacy.

Distribution & Breeding

Skywings can be found throughout the temperate zones of Techniconica and to a lesser extent, the southern polar regions also maintain a colony of Skywings.

Breeding is done 'on-the-wing' with two Skywings mating in mid-flight in a extended mating dance. It is typical for one female to mate several times with different males before finding a suitable nesting site to deposit its clutch of eggs. Females will often then stay in the vicinity to guard their clutch.