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The city of the dead, Skulken, was once a mass berial site for those that died during the Great War. Since then, a settlement has been founded on the site, with their own bizare culture and customs - and the dwellers of Skulken are held in equal parts awe and fear, for they choose to dwell where others go when they die.

Skulken itself is little more than a collection of tents with no permanent dwellings, but this suits the settlers just fine because they see themselves as guardians of the dead as much as they do as traders, although nobody will openly admit to dealing with them because it is widely regarded that the traders of Skulken often trade in goods taken from the dead.

District Statistics

Current Population34,834
Population Growth Ratio6.551 (555.1% increase)
Settlement Land Area50.2655km2
Population Density693.0004 pop/km
Male/Female Ratio0.9910 m/f ratio

Population Growth


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Commonly Available Mining Resources

Material NameCurrent PriceMaterial Type
Unrefined Carbon0.00 CR per KGOre
Tin Ore0.00 CR per KGOre
Lead Ore0.00 CR per KGOre
Copper Ore1.00 CR per KGOre
Iron Ore0.00 CR per KGOre
Nickel Ore2.00 CR per KGOre
Barium Ore1.00 CR per KGOre
Bismuth Ore2.00 CR per KGOre
Cadmium Ore1.00 CR per KGOre
Actinium Ore2.00 CR per KGOre
Technetium Ore13.00 CR per KGOre