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The great sky-borne settlement of Skry is perhaps one of the greatest refuges of science on Techniconica. Officially annexed by District Farran, the "settlement" of Skrye hovers little more than half a mile above the ground on massive city-sized anti-grav plates.

The shielding is used to protect the settlement itself is also some of the most advanced in the whole world, although few can doubt that, if called upon, the hundreds of fighters that the settlement can scramble renders most attacks a moot point.

District Statistics

Current Population35,723
Population Growth Ratio14.611 (1361.1% increase)
Settlement Land Area50.2655km2
Population Density710.6865 pop/km
Male/Female Ratio0.9853 m/f ratio

Population Growth


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Commonly Available Mining Resources

Material NameCurrent PriceMaterial Type
Unrefined Carbon0.00 CR per KGOre
Tin Ore0.00 CR per KGOre
Lead Ore0.00 CR per KGOre
Copper Ore1.00 CR per KGOre
Iron Ore0.00 CR per KGOre
Nickel Ore2.00 CR per KGOre
Barium Ore1.00 CR per KGOre
Bismuth Ore2.00 CR per KGOre
Cadmium Ore1.00 CR per KGOre
Cobalt Ore2.00 CR per KGOre
Actinium Ore2.00 CR per KGOre
Indium Ore4.00 CR per KGOre
Manganese Ore8.00 CR per KGOre