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Pilots are trained to operate and pilot Mechs and their skills, experience and knowledge can vary greatly, as green, novice, pilots are often inexperienced & naive about the finer points of military tactics in modern Mech warfare whereas the more experienced pilots can command a premium for their time.

Skills & Knowledge

Most pilots are required to have a fundamental understanding of how to operate a Mech and most have a good grasp of Mech tactics, but all pilots require fundamental knowledge of the parts that their Mech is constructed from - including basic field repair, which systems are critical and which can be safely bypassed to bring a Mech back online in a short a time as possible.

Other skills may include a keen understanding of Mech tactics and strategy - such as which parts to engage with which weapon and which subsystems can be safely ignored.

They must also be keen team players, as few pilots operate truly alone because of the dangerous nature of their jobs - whether that be that they are part of a small team of mercenary pilots or are part of a large work crew tasked with mining ore seams underground.


Some pilots often become "augmented" by choosing to purchase expensive implants that assist in operating Mech - such implants include neural network relays which commune with the internal computers of the cockpit through to advanced targeting computers and augmented virtual reality overlays which allows pilots to "feel" how their Mechs are performing.


Groups of like-minded pilots often gather into "Crew" whom leverage their collective skills to the highest bidder as they are often more desirable to potential "client" to hire a group of pilots to take on their "dangerous tasks," even if there is a premium to be paid in credits up front to secure the crew's time.