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Military Forces of Techniconica

Each individual District maintains a dedicated military force of its own for both offensive and defensive reasons. Each military force is responsible for their own recruitment, indoctrination, training and equipment acquisition.

Primary Role

District militaries are tasked with civil defence of the District as well as punitive strikes against rival Districts if there is political and societal pressure to do so - although such strikes are relatively rare in modern society.

Secondary Role

Although the primary role of any military forces is offense and defence of their territories, they have also been deployed internally to quall civil unrest, uprisings and to quash insurgencies and those termed to be deviant to the particular societ's norms if they are deemed to be threatening to the District as a whole, although the extent to their employment as such is widely dependent upon the temperament and inclination of the ruling bodies of the respective Districts.

Raglor, for example, routinely uses it's military to patrol the inner city streets, although accounts of open bloodshed are rare in the extreme, whereas Farran openly uses it's military against those who have displeased the ruling elite.

The current Monarch of Raglor has also frequently used the Raglorian army to capture or eliminate those plotting against the lives of the Monarch himself, or their family, although such measures are rarely taken lightly.

Equipment & Composition

Each military can call upon a cadre of trained professional soldiers, tanks, naval units & air strike craft ranging from bombers to interception fighters, in addition to a trained cadre of military Mech pilots, although such militarised Mech are often of a standardised pattern unique to each regiment, unit and District.

The standard equipment that can be brought to bear depends upon the individual military in question, as some Districts favour one type of warfare over others and as such favour a strong association with one type of warfare - although there are some commonalities amongst all the armies. Chief amongst them is that each army maintains strict dress codes and regimented uniform codes and their personal are often equipped with specific weaponry as suits the individual soldiers role within the army.

As much as the exact composition of each military varies greatly, even from year to year as tactics change and new threats evolve and then become redundant - no army is static.

It is safe to assume that each military can generally field a number of armoured battle tanks backed up by a core of capable Mech pilots, attack aircraft and artillery in addition to the regular core of infantry war fighters.


The strength of any individual army is directly dependent upon the prevailing politics within the respective Districts at the time and it is not uncommon for the armies to go from boom to bust and back again from year to year as political spending priorities shift.

Thusly, the number of men and women serving in the military can change year upon year.

Private Contractors

Since the first days Techniconica was settled, there have been private contractors whom are willing to work as personal mercenaries in exchange for credits, power or prestige (or all three).

The breadth of their equipment can vary widely, as can their experience and remit. Some are little more than hired thugs and bodyguards, hired to protect a person or persons from external threats, whilst others will do anything for the right amount of credits including fighting private wars between rival families and performing assassinations are not uncommon.

Virtually all armies make extensive use of private contractors, as they are generally seen as expendable and the sponsoring District retains public deniability over privately funded contractors as they are often paid when their assigned mission is complete and as such, there is virtually no ties between the sponsors and the contractors outside of the protestations of the contractors, but then, the contractors knows this goes with the territory when they hire themselves out to the highest bidder.