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Mech Assemblers


Mech Assemblers are vital pieces of equipment for those looking to create Mechs from parts as well as modify existing Mechs.

Included in each Assembler is a complex array of cranes, heavy lifting arms and closed circuit teleportation devices, allowing Mechs to be constructed in relative ease using a computerised terminal running specialist software from a collection of parts.

Part Fabrication

Certain high end, expensive Mech Assemblers are capable of building parts from scratch using 3D printer technology, although the user must have a fully licensed digitalised blueprint to construct parts they don't physically own, and even then, the digital blueprints have rights management built in, which automatically destroy the blue print after a specific number of parts have been constructed, which curtails mass producing of component parts and flooding the black market. Another factor limiting mass production is the steep price tag assigned to the digital blueprints, often many times the price of physically buying one or more parts from the original manufacturer (although if you were to produce the full complement of parts, there would be a significant saving over buying the full complement brand new).

Mech Repair

Mech Assemblers are fully capable of part repair, provided there is a skilled technician working the controls, although it is often quicker, cheaper and easier just to replace the part in question with a fully functional version.


Mech Assemblers are often very expensive to procure and can be equally expensive to operate at full effectiveness, often as many times greater than a fully loaded Mech bristling with weaponry.

Prices for individual Mech Assemblers can quickly skyrocket for all the latest and greatest mods such as auto-repairers, multi-chambered part fabricators, although by far the greatest expense is the actual running costs which can also be a considerable factor. Not only can the power demands of the Assembler be expensive (although the more expensive models also feature internal power sources powered by nuclear fission), but also the material demands for the internal part fabricators and repair pods can be equally expensive because the repairer pods and part fabricators need to be replenished with whatever raw materials required to repair or construct the part being operated on.