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Marxen Hacktor

Personal History

Marxen has always been regarded as a mad genius, easily capable of excelling at whatever endeavor he set his mind to. His intellect is astounding, as he can often grasp complex theories with only a curious glance, and is perhaps the most intelligent living human in existence.

Body & Implants

Marxen Hacktor is the oldest living person amongst Frandor District, a point of pride he bears upon his breast like a general brandishes medals on their tunic.

Although his small frame looks frail, such a disguise suits Marxen Hacktor perfectly because his body is remarkably robust. His strength is beyond belief, easily capable of lifting a ground car with one finger and he is capable of feats no augmented human is capable of because he has had every augmented implant and enhancement developed to day installed within his own body.

Perhaps the most useful, however, are his numerous computer wireless interfaces devices which allow him to communicate and interact with virtually any computer within the Frandor District (and some would dare say beyond the District). This allows him to interact with vast databanks at the speed of thought, consuming a vast quantity of data in seconds and drawing conclusions that would take even the most powerful computers minutes to process.

Of late, Marxen Hacktor has taken to being a recluse within his own private chambers, and trait which is not uncommon for him, although many think he has grown more and more paranoid in recent months.


Marxen himself has lead the development and research of numerous genetic implants intended to extend his own life (and to a lesser extent, the lives of others although that is a consequence of his research).

It is perhaps little wonder then that he is considered the grand-father of modern genetic manipulation because he had extended his own life by more than two centuries now, although even he doubts he'll see a third century with his current knowledge and threats to his person.