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Lulan is a small settlement east of Sheran with little in the way of remarkable features, apart from the giant standing stones which dot the region within which the settlement is located. Little is known about the standing stones except that they were there when the settlement was first founded.

District Statistics

Current Population35,376
Population Growth Ratio9.999 (899.9% increase)
Settlement Land Area3.1416km2
Population Density11,260.5305 pop/km
Male/Female Ratio0.9872 m/f ratio

Population Growth


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Commonly Available Mining Resources

Material NameCurrent PriceMaterial Type
Unrefined Carbon0.00 CR per KGOre
Tin Ore0.00 CR per KGOre
Lead Ore0.00 CR per KGOre
Copper Ore1.00 CR per KGOre
Iron Ore0.00 CR per KGOre
Nickel Ore2.00 CR per KGOre
Barium Ore1.00 CR per KGOre
Bismuth Ore2.00 CR per KGOre
Cobalt Ore2.00 CR per KGOre
Indium Ore4.00 CR per KGOre
Iridium Ore5.00 CR per KGOre
Neptunium Ore12.00 CR per KGOre