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Lulan is a small settlement east of Sheran with little in the way of remarkable features, apart from the giant standing stones which dot the region within which the settlement is located. Little is known about the standing stones except that they were there when the settlement was first founded.

District Statistics

Current Population0
Population Growth Ratio0.000 (-100% increase)
Settlement Land Area3.1416km2
Population Density0.0000 pop/km
Male/Female Rationan m/f ratio

Population Growth

Current Population Occupations

Occupation NameTotal WorkersFemaleMaleAvg. IncomeAvg. Credit Total
Unemployed - Underage412,038206,136205,902613 CR11,629 CR
Transportation Exec127,65163,72063,931251 CR226,758 CR
Politician127,62063,99263,6282,552 CR780,071 CR
Enforcer127,42363,57263,851505 CR285,213 CR
Mercenary127,32864,04763,2815,005 CR1,382,408 CR
Bureaucrat/Clerk127,32563,46563,860505 CR251,862 CR
Miner127,28563,90463,3812,502 CR773,153 CR
Trader126,92563,67463,2514,998 CR664,125 CR
Agri-Farmer122,34561,21361,132500 CR270,556 CR
Military Personnel42,65621,30721,349503 CR670,040 CR
Unemployed2,2511,1161,1354 CR586,011 CR