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The Inspectorate

The Inspectorate is the de-centralised agency of assessors and collectors of provincial taxation across Techniconica for the Districts.

The Inspectorate is the de-centralised agency of assessors and collectors of provincial taxation across Techniconica for the Districts.


The Inspectorate originally started at the behest of the Raglorian monarchy as a centralised means of tax and tithe assessment as well as the collection of due taxes. To this end ,the Inspectorate were given provincial powers to inspect and issue valuations on goods possessed by those under direct and indirect Raglorian rule and if necessary, collect what was due the state from the citizens either as a specific credit total or in goods and services rendered to state officials (although the latter was exceptionally rare in most cases).

Over time, the first Inspectorate was simply unable to keep abreast of the millions of transactions being processed daily across the surface of Techniconica and it was estimated that vast sums of credits were being uncollected due to inefficiencies in the system as a whole and efforts were made to improve the effectiveness of the system, including streamlining inspections.

The Raglorians then passed laws which instituted the opening of hundreds of smaller, more localised offices for the Inspectorate officials and which were quickly established in all the other Districts. These smaller, satellite offices proved to be able to cope with the smaller workloads placed upon them, and the Raglorian government at the time earned a pretty large sum of credits each year. and could respond far more rapidly to meet the needs of the local area as they were given a measure of autonomy from the centralised Inspectorate.

The Great War

When the Great War broke out and the Districts became segregated following the war, the Inspectorate continued to work on behalf of the Raglorian District for a number of months until external pressure from the various political bodies and interested parties within each of the Districts, forcing the individual Inspectorate offices to capitulate in order to work on behalf of the Districts themselves they worked within. A few of the Inspectorate offices resisted though and were quickly laid siege to, then raided and the vast sums of collected materials, goods and credits hoarded in their vaults plundered by locals.

Current Role & Remit

The Inspectorate are now more fractured with each branch office now completely independent of the others, although they all maintain the name of the Inspectorate even if each individual office serves different masters. In this way, taxes collected on transactions occurring within the walls of one District goes back to that District's coffers to pay for a variety of services and functions (or to line the pockets of certain powerful individuals).

It is important to note that each Inspectorate now also operates under wildly different policies regarding tax collection and the treatment of citizens, as set by local laws (or lack thereof). For example, there is certain bounds that Raglorian Inspectorate officials cannot cross yet those operating within the relatively lawless Farran District are given free rein to collect taxes through whatever means necessary, up to and including terror tactics, coercion and even forceful arrest of those unwilling or simply unable to pay.

There is also considerable difference in what taxes are collected and in what methods, as set by local policy makers and it is not unheard of for corrupt Inspectors to simply make up taxes on local citizens.


The Inspectorate as a whole body is not above corruption and the levels to which corruption found varies from District to District. The Raglorian Inspectorate, for example, is highly regulated to the extent that widespread corruption is veritably nigh on impossible within the strictures of the law. On the other hand, it is an open secret that Farran Inspectorate Officials will readily accept bribes by wealthy individuals and companies to to "look the other way" andavoid what would otherwise be costly inspections.