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Horned Wasps

Overview and General Description

Horned wasps are large, vicious insects that belong to sparse colonies that thrive out in the wasteland. A Typical colony of horned wasps comprises of several queens and as many as two hundred workers which forage of food.

Each wasp is around twelve centimeters in length and features a barbed sting which can fully capable of injecting a neurotoxin that is capable of killing a human within the hour if medical treatment isn't given. They feature two sets of wings, and have yellow and black strips down their segmented bodies. Their heads are relatively small, as are their eyes which renders them virtually blind, but they are fully capable of hunting by scent alone.

Their hives stand up to 2.2m high and are constructed from sand, mud and whatever else they can bring back and wooden twigs and the like are typically included in varying quantities depending upon local conditions.


Singly, Horned Wasps are hunted by most other creatures, perhaps with the exception of wasters, but in a group, Horned Wasps make formidable opponents and are simply terrifying in defence of their hive.

Distribution and Breeding

Horned Wasps hives can be found throughout Techniconica, including the polar regions, although the hives surviving in the polar regions have lower populations.

Breeding takes place throughout the year, with the colony queens producing several hundred young each year. The few males that are produced each year are gregarious and will readily mate with as many queens as possible during their short lives, often travelling for many miles to mate with queens from other hives.