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The Great War

Prelude to War

The Great War was the first and only great war that was fought across Techniconica involving all the Districts in one way or another. The actual whispers of the war were laid open when rich ore seams were found beneath what would later become known as District Oran and of which sparked great jealously at the new found wealth of the "upstart" District.

Several times, District Raglor tried to annex Oran, leading to diplomatic envoys and eventually to threats of laying siege, which drew world wide attention. When the Raglorian army marched out to meet the army of Oran, those Districts that were watching on the outside acted quickly.

District Hooorain laid siege to the weakened defenders of Raglor, threatening the base of power of the monarch in a bid to overthrow the leader whilst Prain sowed discord across all lines of communication and fed misinformation to all sides at the behest of the Arch Daecon.

Nuclear Threats and Limited Reprisals

As battle was joined between Raglor and Oran, those Districts that still retained a sizeable arsenal of nuclear warheads struck, sending out spears of nuclear fire across the globe. The larger Districts are quick to react, quickly erecting their powered shields which contained 99% of the potential damage and refracting the deadly blasts outwards instead of letting the nuclear warheads impact against the Districts themselves. Millions die in the outskirts of the Districts, although the Districts themselves are saved from nuclear annihilation.

War's End & Aftermath

The Great War officially ended in Y4148.255, 23 days after it started, although hostilities were recorded right up until Y4148.276.

The war only ended after a Raglorian commando team managed to breach the Districts outer defences using a carefully planned subterfuge. When they confronted the Grand Duke of Oran, they executed him on the spot and declared Oran an annexed region of District Raglor. The annexation only lasted 2 years as the rich ore seam eventually ran dry and Raglorian politics released Oran to its own devices now that the seam had ran dry and that continued annexation had become more costly to maintain than it was worth to District Raglor.

Notable Battles

The Gulf of Narros

The original battleground between Oran and Raglor was fought on the Gulf of Narros - a great plain of sandy soil that would later become a war memorial. Thousands lost their lives in the opening salvo as tanks exchanged fire with Mechs and bombers dropped high ordnance whist fighters fought one another in high altitude.

The Memorial of Narros is a bone of contention between Oran and Raglor for obvious reasons, as neither District openly admits the atrocities committed there by either side.

The Bloody Sea

Few can argue that the largest sea battle took place in the Sea of Krayu, which would later be renamed to the Bloody Sea by all involved. Three navies from Raglor, Oran and Prain fought in the open waters, supported on both sides by fighters and bombers.

The sheer might of all three navies was reduced to shattered fragments of what they were before, as none of the sides could back down nor withdraw until the Prain navy was forced to withdraw after the Pride of Prain was destroyed, rendering their command capability useless. The Raglorian navy enjoyed limited success but was forced into submission by Oran navy frigates held in reserve.

Heroes Fall

A small Hooorainian cadre was caught traveling through the Canyon of Regrets. Despite being outnumbered and out gunned, the Hooorainain cadre comprising of several hundred infantry and various patterns of tanks managed to hold off a much larger force through sheer determination and bloody resolve. When they eventually broke, they had bought enough time for the Hooorianian main force to bring to battle the army of Oran several miles away - if the holding action hadn't of succeeded, the Oran army could have marched on Hooorain proper and begun to lay siege to the District.