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Franx was a thriving farming settlement until the blight took hold and decimated their crops. When the crops failed year after year for almost a decade, the settlement was quickly annexed by District Raglor. A great many of the settlers were absorbed into Raglor itself, where their farming knowledge proved exceedingly useful to boost their own hydroponic farming methods.

Today, Franx is a hollow shell of what it once was thanks to the blight.

District Statistics

Current Population0
Population Growth Ratio0.000 (-100% increase)
Settlement Land Area28.2743km2
Population Density0.0000 pop/km
Male/Female Rationan m/f ratio

Population Growth

Current Population Occupations

Occupation NameTotal WorkersFemaleMaleAvg. IncomeAvg. Credit Total
Unemployed - Underage334,528167,583166,945607 CR11,446 CR
Mercenary103,93252,35051,5825,018 CR1,391,273 CR
Trader103,49051,89951,5915,009 CR672,166 CR
Transportation Exec103,28251,68851,594251 CR227,095 CR
Miner103,20351,71551,4882,506 CR777,605 CR
Bureaucrat/Clerk103,13551,67151,464504 CR256,213 CR
Politician103,02551,37351,6522,544 CR778,908 CR
Enforcer102,59451,07151,523505 CR284,395 CR
Agri-Farmer99,22749,73649,491500 CR269,473 CR
Military Personnel34,64617,30617,340504 CR659,842 CR
Unemployed1,8929679254 CR545,447 CR