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The Districts

The Districts are ever-expanding cities dotted across the surface of Techniconica.

The major Districts are ever-expanding cities dotted across the surface of Techniconica.

Each District is constructed from concrete, metal, rock and other construction materials that are available in the surrounding area, such as shale, granite and other materials. Each District has their own individual culture, values and worldly outlook, tainted by their past and by their customs.


The Districts themselves are being continually being expanded, modified and changed by the populace that call the District their home. Most aren't formally planned in advance and their expansion and modification is entirely organic in nature - leading to areas being seen as "high value" whilst others are reduced to little more than slums for the destitute and poor within generations.

It is not uncommon for entire tracts of land on the outskirts to become little more than lawless zones, rife with crime and where enforcers are unable, unwilling or simply afraid to patrol whilst the richer, more popular and affluent regions of each District enjoy a continual & regular enforcer presence.


Exotic, or difficult to grow vegetation are often grown in artificial bio-domes which provide a sheltered and climatically controlled regions which can be used to grow foodstuffs and provide natural green spaces for the populaces to enjoy, particularly in the larger and more wealthy Districts such as Farran and Raglor.

Some bio domes are entirely given over to crop production, whilst others are kept in a "natural" state to simulate natural landscapes and the types of plants planted will often have a utility outside of their initial beauty - such as drug research or that can be harvested for food if necessary in times of need.


Most Districts are founded on natural aquifers which provide safe, clean drinking water for the population of the District. They are often sourced from deep under ground in natural spring wells.

Fleet Ops

All Districts maintain their own fleet of attack craft and military vehicles ranging from small squadrons of fighters through to small fleets of heavy bombers and armed battlegroups of tanks and armoured fighting vehicles. These may be located within the boundaries of the Districts, or may be found throughout the regions neighbouring the District, as military strategic thinking dictates for the regions surrounding each District.

Surrounding Areas

Most Districts are surrounded by acres of farming fields, shanty towns, lakes, water purification plants and other municipal buildings required to keep the population relatively healthy, although this is not always the case.

Star Ports

The larger eight Districts each maintain a star port which are used for transporting precious materials from the outer solar system's asteroid belt back to the world. Although such material often only makes up a very tiny percentage of the total resources utilised by the District due to the far higher costs of retrieval.

Notable Features

Raglor's Beacon Towers

Raglor itself prides itself on having what have become known as the Beacon Towers - two large sky scrapers, each standing in at around 654m high. Constructed over a period of twenty years by a concerted efforts of a labour force numbering at over two thousand, the two towers survived the Great War by virtue of them possessing massive force field generators fed by specially built nuclear reactors in the base of each tower.

The Beacon Towers themselves house around a tenth of the population of District Raglor, including the ruling governess and her family and provide a secure means from which to launch any offensives that Raglor may deem to be necessary - it is estimated that the entire Raglorian fighter and bomber fleet can be housed safely behind the thick armoured walls of the towers if necessary.

The Under-Rock

District Prain maintains extensive underground tunnel network which links all their satellite observation points. It also provides them with a relatively safe way to construct new facilities and conduct research away from prying eyes. There is also rumours of extensive interrogation suites in the Under-Roc, where Prain spies often take captured agents to learn their secrets.

The Big Eight

District Sheran

Sheran was once one of the largest Districts on Techniconica until internal civil war reduced both its manufacturing and population to near catastrophic levels. Currently ruled over by Cataonus Mung, Sheran is slowly rebuilding itself back up, although many openly admit that it will never be the powerhouse it once was.

In addition, in recent years, there are repeated overtures from District Prain to form a coalition with Sheran, but these get repeatedly rebuffed.

District Prain

There is little that fails to go under the notice of the shadow court of the Arch Daecon of District Prain. It is widely rumoured that Prain's spies are everywhere and nowhere at once and their network of informants is legendary. When the Duke Nimbarras got assassinated, Prain spies reported the news long before the official news was tendered for distribution.

Prain itself maintains the smallest standing army of Mechs, believing, as it does, in its own network of spies to tip the scales towards Prain through subterfuge, counter-intelligence and false-information implanted into the very information networks that it's enemies use to make decisions on.

District Callixis

The current largest District on Techniconica, Callixis also maintains the largest army.

Few can out compete Callixis for manufacturing output and sheer resource purchasing power, it is Callixis' own internal bureaucracy that gives the other Districts a chance to thrive. It can take many months for a vote to go through the Callixis legislation bodies of the Callixisian Magistrate, but which time, another District has often either bought up those resources or simply stolen them by force.

Farran District

Farran is undoubtedly the smallest District and also the most lawless. The gates of Farran District are eternally open to those who can pay their way inside, making it a natural home for Mech pirates, merchants and raiders in equal measure.

Although it raises no formal tax itself, Farran's nobility live in comfortable conditions thanks to the infamous "gate-toll" paid by everyone entering and leaving Farran District.

Raglor District

The original seat of power for the entire world, Raglor District no longer maintains any effective base of power besides it's impressive standing army which it sees to use only for defensive purposes.

There is talk that the Governess Tegeri no longer has the political will or power base she once had and she is currently eking out her time as liege-governess in her twilight years although she does currently hold enough sway to at least hold back the political back-biting and intrigues floating around the Raglorian palace as to her immediate succession. Whomever takes her place though, there is guaranteed to be extensive bloodshed.

Oran District

Oran was originally a powerful mercantile house that outgrew into a prosperous trade centre in its own right up until the Great War which it became the centre of a great many battles.

Oran itself is now the seat of the greatest ore mining facilities on Techniconica, after finding rich seams of melachronite ore beneath the District.

Frandor District

Few can match the technological advancements being created in the many vaunted technology labs of Frandor District. Frandor's legacy is the continual advanced weapons technology being employed by today's Mech mounted warriors.

Hooorain District

Hoorain is perhaps the most inhospitable District for outsiders. It's residents are highly xenophobic of outsiders whom they term 'Outcasters'. Unless you are born within the armoured walls of Hooorain, your classed as an 'Outcaster' and therefore held in exceptionally low regard to the point that merchants may not wish to deal with you without a third party advocating for you.