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District Sheran

Sheran is ruled over by a confederation of interested parties whom form a central committee, headed up by the Cataonus Mung.


Sheran is ruled over by a confederation of interested parties whom form a central committee, headed up by Cataonus Mung. This committee directly oversees the development of the District, ensuring it returns to its previous stature amongst the other Districts after their recent internal civil war.


Sheran is perhaps the most welcoming to the outsider visitors by allowing them to trade freely within the District, provided they pay the appropriate taxes on any and all activity within the Districts walls.

Mining is the second largest activity after to construction because they are still in the process of rebuilding the vast manufacturing houses they once had, but now stand in ruins amongst the housing blocks and trading merchant houses.


The economy of Sheran is entirely dependent upon the free trade within its walls. Taxes are raised on the flowing revenue which helps fund the Districts military forces and continued re-construction.

They also seek financial recompense from those found to be operating beneath formal legal lines, and the illicit trade in stolen goods on the black market nets Sheran a large sum of internal revenue because their Inspectorate has become masters of uncovering the hundreds of small black markets gangs that run rife through Sheran housing districts.

Law Enforcement

The 'enforcers' as they are known are a private cadre of highly trained militiamen whom oversee the protection of the entire District as well as mediate between matters arising from formalised trade disputes.

The court system of Sheran is highly developed, with a codified system of by-laws and formal legislation in place to govern not only criminal procedures, but also civil proceedings and the associated punitive measures with open trade amongst individuals, companies and outside "free agents" that are external to the District.

Industrial Infrastructure

The industrial infrastructure of Sheran was once a thriving powerhouse of manufacturing and mining up until an internal civil war destroyed most of the facilities as fighting broke out and devastated its workforce of indentured labourers and line workers as well as destroying as much as 80% of the manufacturing infrastructure.

Since then, they have rebuilt what they could, but it has been slow process of reconstruction the buildings that were destroyed.

A Time For Tithes And Taxes

District Sheran thrives on income gathered from passing traders and merchants, a portion of which goes into local coffers in the form of taxes and tithes on all transactions happening within (and without) their armoured walls.

The framework of laws and legislation required to ensure that a fair and appropriate amount of tax is taken is down to localised officials known as Enforcer whom oversee all businesses within their respective catchment areas - the more senior an Enforcer becomes, the larger catchment area he is assigned - often with junior Enforcers working under him at the more local level.

Failure to pay any tax owed (or believed to be owed) will see an Enforcer impound property and stop business conducting their daily operations through the use of appointed enforcement officials who are authorised to halt all commercial activity through any means necessary.

The actual accounting for tax and tithes is done on a monthly basis by all businesses within the District whom must submit monthly statements to their local Enforcer office stating how much revenue they have acquired over the past month. Taxes are calculated from these monthly statements and writs issued for the tax.

Sheran Enforcers

Like their Raglorian counterparts, Sheran has a cadre of highly trained Enforcers whom meet our justice to anyone caught breaking the rules and strictures of the land.

Where they differ from Raglorian Enforcers is that Sheran's Enforcers aren't military trained and are more of a mercenary group whom operate within their own contracts with the District as a whole. This gives them greater leaway in setting their own schedules and it is often frequently joked that the Enforcers spend just as much time "off duty" as they do policing their assigned areas.

It is also widely known that Sheran Enforcers are more than willing to accept bribes from criminals as they are to turn them in, as they see the criminals as another avenue for revenue making, particularly if those bribes are coming from the organised crime rings that run the underground black market.

Continual Construction

Most of Sheran is currently under construction due to their recent internal civil war which saw swathes of the District turned to rubble as factions within the army turned on one another. Artillery bombardments wiped out a great many houses whilst fierce street fighting took place in their blasted out buildings.

After the dust had settled, what was left was recycled into new concrete constructions and Sheran's Mech army was converted over to an army of construction Mechs, trading machine guns for excavators and rocket batteries for concrete fabrication tooling.

Currently, as many as 65% of the Districts population are employed in the reconstruction efforts in some capacity from labour crews to piloting construction Mechs and overseeing the teams of dedicated construction robots that were designed and built to help get the District back on it's feet faster.

Even with all the hard work going into the construction, it is estimated that it will take years to fully restore the District to how it was before the civil war.

District Statistics

Current Population172,094
Population Growth Ratio12.118 (1111.8% increase)
Settlement Land Area2,827.4334km2
Population Density60.8658 pop/km
Male/Female Ratio0.9607 m/f ratio

Population Growth

Related Timeline

The Resource WarsY2021

Global reserves of precious resources such as common metals, diamonds, gold and other valuable commodities become drained. Commodity prices skyrocket, forcing governments to stock pile the remaining reserves and issue government bonds for civilian supplies.

Widespread panic erupts across Old Earth and several cities are razed as widespread rioting sets in. Millions die in the ensuring chaos.

Martial law is established in several major cities and several smaller countries.

The "Salvation Project" Is FormedY2022

Several of the major governments, notably those from the United Kingdom, United States, China and Russia sign what would later become known as the "Salvation Project".

"Petty" wars are put aside as they strive for a new, common goal, to establish a colony on another world in the vain hopes of starving off global resource starvation.

Each government pledges a large amount of their material reserves to the project in the hope of securing future resources from further out in the solar system.

Mining of the Moon BeginsY2023

Several prospective companies launch exploratory probes to start mining operations on the moon and later Mars. The first companies eventually fail in their ventures, although it does path the way for many of the key technologies needed for future space travel.

The Resource Crisis EruptsY2029

Faced with dwindling natural resources, nation turns upon nation and vast areas erupt into bloodshed as armies are unleashed against neighbors in a bid to secure the last remaining natural resources.

Widespread famine devastates the remaining survivors, and nuclear weapons are used against overly aggressive and oppressive nations.

3rd World War EruptsY2030

War erupts, killing vast swaythes of humanity.

Construction Begins On The Generational ShipsY2045

Construction begins on the first of several multiple generation ships intended to allow mankind to colonise other planets. Several key technologies are incorporated into the Generational Ships which are taken directly from the 1st generation of Mechs such as anti-grav plating, efficient power generation, multi-fuel generators and carbon-scrubber technology.

District Raglor SettledY4129

The settlement of Raglor is settled after substantial oil and ore reserves are discovered.

The "Governor" of Techniconica relocates his base of power to District Raglor on the back of the mineral wealth found there and the large reserves of granite-rich white marble found throughout the region.

Settlers begin to arrive, and Raglor is firmly established as the seat of power across the world within 2 generations.

Sheran Colony EstablishedY4130

The District of Sheran is established to meet local trade agreements and enforce the "fair" trading between everyone involved.

Location taxation of transactions begins a short while later, ensuring a steady stream of incoming for the self-imposed rulership of Sheran.

Monarch Regallliar AscendsY4131.014

Monarch Regallliar, a distant cousin of the previous Monarch, ascends. Days after ascending, Farran dissidents begin calling for his removal after a series of brutal reprisals whilst they begin calling for his removal. Growing raider attacks on the outskirts of District Raglor begin but retribution is slow in coming.

Monarch Regallliar Rein of BloodY4131.018

Regalliar orders a large number of his political opponents murdered. He hires several hit squads to attack and kill his opponents in a matter of a few hours.

Monarch Regallliar Is ExecutedY4131.037

Three days after being removed from office, Regallliar is executed after being captured by Farran infiltrators. Retribution is sought by Raglor, but swiftly forgotten about.

Bonebreaker Crew CaughtY4131.201

A gang of cut throat killers is caught and killed deep in the desert. They were responsible for plundering many trade caravans plying their trade between the Districts.

Callixis SettledY4132

A small mining settlement experiences rapid growth due to it be situated at the cross roads of seven great trading routes between the more prosperous Districts.

Callixis expands rapidly, not only because it's location is ideal for traders to rest at, but Callixis begins to imply a small tithe on all goods passing through which helps feed the growth.

Eventually, most traders find alternative, more direct trading routes, but by then District Callixis is firmly established in its own right and becomes a supply and trading hub itself.

Development of the SynthsY4134

District Frandor begins development work on the Synths.

Gate Tolls Are InstalledY4141

Farran District first institutes their infamous gate-tolls, to immediate effect of raising massive sums of credits for the local economy. Trade plummets for the next few years as a direct result.

Farrenwood Cult EmergesY4141.302

The Farrenwood Cult emerges across Techniconica in a night of bloodshed and mayhem. Mass "cullings" of civilian and military targets are carried out lterally over night. Their attacks are designed to subvert the Districts and cause havoc amongst the populace of Techniconica.

Unsurprisingly, Distrait Prain survives the night unscaythed. Some of the other Districts attempt to pin the blame for the Cults existence on District Prain, but nothing can be proven - although it was later revealed Prain knew about the cult and had routed out any dissidents from within it's walls prior to the Farrenwood Cult emerging in a blood bath of death and destruction.

The Great War BeginsY4148.232

War engulfs the city-states as they finally declare war formally on each other. The more affluent city-states survive the great war, protected as they are but city-wide powered fields and armies of armoured vehicles.

Minor use of nuclear weaponry takes place amongst the most affluent Districts, although it is limited to a few, minor exchanges.

Governess Tegari Ascends To The ThroneY4151.112

Tegari is installed as the reining monarch of the Raglor District. Although she is currently in her early 80's she still retains power.

Attack on Governess TegariY4151.118

A group stage an assassination attempt on the Governess. She is successfully taken to safety before the attackers are able to accomplish their plan.

All conspirators are caught and publically executed.

The Spears of War Treaty SignedY4151.264

Governess Raglor urges all Districts to curtail their nuclear arsenals, imposing strict penalties on all Districts if they do not disarm and threats of annexation if they didn't dismantle any nuclear weapons above 1KT in power.

After several months of bargaining and continual political manoeuvring (and several successful assassinations), the Treaty is signed by all Districts and all nuclear warheads above 1KT are dismantled or rendered useless.

The Governess is heralded as a saviour of peace by the general populace, and her popularity increases with the general population, but the District rulers vowed revenge for forcing their hands through less than savoury means.

District Sheran CollapsesY4152

The District of Sheran collapses into internal civil war as political intrigue finally reaches boiling point. Refugees from Sheran make the journey to the neighbouring Districts only to be turned away by force. Many die on the journey back. Sources at the time point to Prain operatives as a contributing factor to the fall of Sheran.

Callixian Senate OverthrownY4156

The Senate of District Callixis is briefly thrown into dissarray for twenty days whilst local Enforcers deal with sudden riots caused by a drastic tax policy change instigated by the Senate. Senate begins holding regular meetings with increased security as a direct result after the riots are quashed and those responsible for instigating them are quietly "dealt with".

Synths First Used In CombatY4161

The Synths are first employed on the open battlefield to great success against District Raglor.

The Davin RaidY4163.333

District Prain launches a small attack against District Sheran. Infiltrators manage to break through the outer defences before being discovered. By which time, the attack was already underway and Sheran forces were able to contain the attacking force of 2 commando teams.

Population AuditY4308

District Raglor audits the Population of Techniconica. Current Population stands at 7.53M.

Darkman's Edge BattleY4312

The region of Darkmans' Edge becomes the scene of bloodshed as four Districts converge on the same ore deposits deep under the ground at Darkmans' Edge.

Population AuditY4318

District Raglor audits the Population of Techniconica. Current Population stands at 8.86M.

Cataonus Mung is BornY4325

Raglorian Phalanx MassacreY4334.241

A Raglorian army is ambushed and massacred by District Oran.

Tiarian Mung is BornY4337

Tiarian is born. He is forced out of District Sheran by his older sibling, Cataonus.

Barranx Artillery ExchangeY4345

District Sheran & District Hooorain exchange artillery fire across the Barranx desert range.

The Mung ReprisalY4346.244

District Prain comes under attack from District Sheran as a retribution force seeks justice on the District. The army is quickly destroyed by Prain's automated defences, leading to twenty years of hostilities between the two Districts.

Population AuditY4348

District Raglor audits the Population of Techniconica. Current Population stands at 12.25M.

District Prain Goes DarkY4376

All contact with District Prain goes dark for 64 days before contact is eventually established. All external visitors are denied access during this time. No Prain representatives will report on the cause. Many believe that there was a coup on the ruling elite of District Prain.

Riots Break OutY4376

Riots break out across District Raglor and Callixis due to growing tensions amongst the desperate poor and the ruling elite. All rioters are quickly put down and the ring leaders slain, thanks to information provided by District Prain.

Tortan Weapon TheftY4376

District Frandor invites representatives from the other Districts to watch a weapons demonstration on their latest line of high-yield Tactical Missiles. The day before the demonstration, the prototype weapon is stolen, causing a media fiasco and District Frandor becomes a laughing stock. Many believe District Prain knew about the weapon ahead of time and paid an expert team of mercenaries to steal the weapon.

Tartus Munion EscapesY4377

Tartus Munion escapes Prain detention. He is believed to have valuable information about District Prain. Many Districts offer him sanctuary in exchange for information. He is eventually tracked down by a Prain bounty hunter and executed in the wastes.

Mount Kray EruptsY4378

For the 3rd time since Y4341.

Abandoned Desert StrikeY4380.1

Gunthar Otharian is KilledY4380.18

Several cult members are also killed in the attack by District Prain operatives. The strike is successful at taking out the cult leader.