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District Oran

The mining families of Oran are infamous for their infighting and near constant internal assaults on one another that border on clan feuds and petty civil war.


The mining families of Oran are infamous for their infighting and near constant internal assaults on one another that border on clan feuds and petty civil war. The few prosperous families are those with the largest standing armies of tanks, infantry and battlefield Mechs, although the loyalty of those forces can and are often bought by the highest bidder and as even relatively stable families are constantly looking for mercenaries from month to month and year to year.


Trading and mining is a way of life for any son of Oran. Those born into low-born families have a long, hard life of backbreaking mining to look forward to, unless they become skilled with a weapon and then earn enough to buy their way out of servitude only to become a bodyguard to a more affluent family or clan holding. Unfortunately, for every one that escapes the mines and earns their fortune, two hundred more die with a bullet in their bellies and a thousand more die in servitude in the mines.


Ore and the refined products made from the said ore are valuable commodities across Techniconica, and a greater percentage of that ore comes from Oran due to its mineral rich surroundings and a culture of hard graft and determined mining traditions.

Those items that cannot be produced within Oran's walls, it can be bought from the other Districts through various trade pacts with a few trading houses and enterprising merchants making their way across the wastes.

Law Enforcement

Mining press-gangs are the de-facto method of punishment for those found by the city officials to be breaking any number of minor and major offences. This indentured servitude ranges from a few days up to several decades for the worse capital crimes. Those that are unwilling or simply unable to work are simply starved to death as rations are withdrawn from those whom fail to meet quotas.

The enforcers who oversee the whole justice Oranian system are as corrupt as they come, with high power individuals able to flaunt the laws by paying off their debts or by being too powerful to challenge.

Industrial Infrastructure

Vast trading emporiums and markets line the streets of Oran for anyone visiting the District to peruse at their leisure. To anyone visiting from elsewhere, they quickly develop an opinion that Oran is sparsely populated by traders and this view is often encouraged by the traders themselves - the under belly of forced and coerced labour is strictly off limits to anyone outside the District. The truth is that the vast bulk of the Oranian workforce and populace are hidden away underground in the many thousands of miles of underground mines, tunnels and chambers that make up its mining network.

It is also common for Oran construction crews and mining teams to be paid by other Districts to construct elaborate underground bunkers and extensions to their own mines as the District has the most extensive experience with mining in all conditions found beneath the surface and their mines are notoriously resistant to cave-ins and collapses.

The Power of Trade

Strife comes easy to the mining families of Oran - they are seen as vital to the wellbeing of the District because the weaker families are purged, leaving only the strong to survive.

Warfare between families within the District aren't always bloody affairs involving armed Mechs, other times, it is simply a war of output - whichever family can mine the most ore and refine the most materials will win the war of production, growing prosperous and rich whilst their rivals are left with the spoils of the marketplace.

Supply and demand don't mean much within the District, there are always more supply than demand internally, but demand from outside the District is fierce and ever-present, allowing them to quickly sell off all the raw materials that would otherwise be sitting around in their warehouse.

As such, the richer families often have long-standing trade agreements with other Districts, with the largest buyers being District Raglor and Sheran. A great many have also forced exclusivity clauses within trade agreements, meaning that certain organisations are beholden to a specific family, until such time that another family makes a successful bid to win their business and the lucrative trade agreement.

The Guilds

Oran has a lot of internal guilds whom oversee the day to day lives of their workers and also whom also set quotas on their respective goods and services.

The Guild of Iron, for example, controls everything from the mineral extraction to smelting to the final sale of the goods through weekly and monthly quotas which are made public once a week.

Similiar Guilds exist for most raw materials, but there are a few, more far reaching Guilds whom control more than just a single resource.

The Guild of Construction, for example, is one such Guild and which has direct ties to the other Guilds which either directly or indirectly affect it's business.

District Statistics

Current Population171,567
Population Growth Ratio22.581 (2158.1% increase)
Settlement Land Area2,827.4334km2
Population Density60.6794 pop/km
Male/Female Ratio0.9608 m/f ratio

Population Growth

Current Population Occupations

Occupation NameTotal WorkersFemaleMaleAvg. IncomeAvg. Credit Total
Unemployed - Underage338,548169,625168,923611 CR11,586 CR
Transportation Exec105,08752,44652,641251 CR227,077 CR
Bureaucrat/Clerk104,76352,19852,565504 CR253,591 CR
Enforcer104,73052,39952,331504 CR284,543 CR
Miner104,45252,27252,1802,501 CR776,782 CR
Mercenary104,28452,33551,9494,976 CR1,377,781 CR
Trader104,00251,93552,0674,995 CR666,441 CR
Politician103,72151,83051,8912,553 CR778,209 CR
Agri-Farmer100,50850,55249,956498 CR270,170 CR
Military Personnel35,14517,56117,584507 CR654,013 CR
Unemployed1,8349099254 CR607,281 CR

Related Timeline

The Resource WarsY2021

Global reserves of precious resources such as common metals, diamonds, gold and other valuable commodities become drained. Commodity prices skyrocket, forcing governments to stock pile the remaining reserves and issue government bonds for civilian supplies.

Widespread panic erupts across Old Earth and several cities are razed as widespread rioting sets in. Millions die in the ensuring chaos.

Martial law is established in several major cities and several smaller countries.

The "Salvation Project" Is FormedY2022

Several of the major governments, notably those from the United Kingdom, United States, China and Russia sign what would later become known as the "Salvation Project".

"Petty" wars are put aside as they strive for a new, common goal, to establish a colony on another world in the vain hopes of starving off global resource starvation.

Each government pledges a large amount of their material reserves to the project in the hope of securing future resources from further out in the solar system.

The Resource Crisis EruptsY2029

Faced with dwindling natural resources, nation turns upon nation and vast areas erupt into bloodshed as armies are unleashed against neighbors in a bid to secure the last remaining natural resources.

Widespread famine devastates the remaining survivors, and nuclear weapons are used against overly aggressive and oppressive nations.

3rd World War EruptsY2030

War erupts, killing vast swaythes of humanity.

Construction Begins On The Generational ShipsY2045

Construction begins on the first of several multiple generation ships intended to allow mankind to colonise other planets. Several key technologies are incorporated into the Generational Ships which are taken directly from the 1st generation of Mechs such as anti-grav plating, efficient power generation, multi-fuel generators and carbon-scrubber technology.

The Great Migration BeginsY2138

Many thousands of intergalactic settlers are sent out across the galaxy in colossal generational ships. It is estimated that they will take several hundred generations to reach their assigned destinations.

The world that would become known as Techniconica is one such destination.

Techniconica ColonisedY4127

The first colonists make planetfall on Techniconica. They establish the colony which would later become known as Distrct Frandor.

Several hundred isolated groups strike out across Techniconica in a bid to earn their own place on the new world.

District Raglor SettledY4129

The settlement of Raglor is settled after substantial oil and ore reserves are discovered.

The "Governor" of Techniconica relocates his base of power to District Raglor on the back of the mineral wealth found there and the large reserves of granite-rich white marble found throughout the region.

Settlers begin to arrive, and Raglor is firmly established as the seat of power across the world within 2 generations.

Sheran Colony EstablishedY4130

The District of Sheran is established to meet local trade agreements and enforce the "fair" trading between everyone involved.

Location taxation of transactions begins a short while later, ensuring a steady stream of incoming for the self-imposed rulership of Sheran.

Monarch Regallliar AscendsY4131.014

Monarch Regallliar, a distant cousin of the previous Monarch, ascends. Days after ascending, Farran dissidents begin calling for his removal after a series of brutal reprisals whilst they begin calling for his removal. Growing raider attacks on the outskirts of District Raglor begin but retribution is slow in coming.

Monarch Regallliar Rein of BloodY4131.018

Regalliar orders a large number of his political opponents murdered. He hires several hit squads to attack and kill his opponents in a matter of a few hours.

Battle of Hook BayY4131.063

A small staging point for District Farran is attacked by Raglorian navy forces. The makeshift base is destroyed in the opening barrage, leaving the Farran forces unable to re-deploy.

Callixis SettledY4132

A small mining settlement experiences rapid growth due to it be situated at the cross roads of seven great trading routes between the more prosperous Districts.

Callixis expands rapidly, not only because it's location is ideal for traders to rest at, but Callixis begins to imply a small tithe on all goods passing through which helps feed the growth.

Eventually, most traders find alternative, more direct trading routes, but by then District Callixis is firmly established in its own right and becomes a supply and trading hub itself.

Hooorain ColonisedY4133

Several hundred colonists settle in the Hooorain valley after being exiled from Oran.

They quickly prosper due to the rich natural resources found there. They manage to acquire several powerful shield generators from Raglor.

Gate Tolls Are InstalledY4141

Farran District first institutes their infamous gate-tolls, to immediate effect of raising massive sums of credits for the local economy. Trade plummets for the next few years as a direct result.

Governess Tegari Ascends To The ThroneY4151.112

Tegari is installed as the reining monarch of the Raglor District. Although she is currently in her early 80's she still retains power.

Attack on Governess TegariY4151.118

A group stage an assassination attempt on the Governess. She is successfully taken to safety before the attackers are able to accomplish their plan.

All conspirators are caught and publically executed.

District Sheran CollapsesY4152

The District of Sheran collapses into internal civil war as political intrigue finally reaches boiling point. Refugees from Sheran make the journey to the neighbouring Districts only to be turned away by force. Many die on the journey back. Sources at the time point to Prain operatives as a contributing factor to the fall of Sheran.

Synths First Used In CombatY4161

The Synths are first employed on the open battlefield to great success against District Raglor.

Decimator Virus AttackY4286

The Decimator virus is released again in a terrorist attack across multiple Districts, leading to massive panic rioting and mass-hysteria.

Frandor's Council ReturnsY4307

Frandor's Council is returned to full status after a period of 17 years of it being disbanded. Formal power and titles are returned to those sitting on the Council.

Attempted Assassination Attempt on Cataonus MungY4346

District Prain attempts a daring raid to assassin Cataonus Mung. The assassination attempt fails as Mung's bodyguard react with brutal efficiency.

Population AuditY4348

District Raglor audits the Population of Techniconica. Current Population stands at 12.25M.

Ultor Utani's Parents Are MurderedY4357

Ultor Utani's parents are murdered in cold blood by a hired hit man. As oldest of 3 sons, Ultor becomes head of his family and becomes the most influential man of the District as a result.

The Darkener DayY4375

A massive solar flare causes several power grids to fail. Several Districts are thrown into darkness as power fails.

District Prain Goes DarkY4376

All contact with District Prain goes dark for 64 days before contact is eventually established. All external visitors are denied access during this time. No Prain representatives will report on the cause. Many believe that there was a coup on the ruling elite of District Prain.