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District Hooorain

There is little known about the ruling caste of Hooorain because they do not communicate openly with outsiders.


There is little known about the ruling caste of Hooorain because they do not communicate openly with outsiders. What little is known has been gleaned through numerous intermediaries and official emissaries tasked with speaking only on specific topics deemed appropriate by the ruling caste.

The ruling caste are a shadowy ruling body of unknown number but their rulings can be felt across the length and breadth of the District.

What is known though is that the Hooorainian ruling caste considers themselves to be above the common worker caste to the extent that they surround themselves with heavily armed, masked bodyguards when forced to leave their segregated area and enter communal areas of the District.


The culture of Hooorain is highly xenophobic of outsiders whom they term "Outcasters" in their native dialect. They treat anyone not born within the armoured walls of Hooorain with open and undisguised distrust and with such low regard that it makes trading virtually impossible without a trusted third party becoming involved. Such third-parties are needed to advocate for the outcaster(s) in any trade negotiation - and even then, the trades are often one-sided in the favour of the Hooorainian merchant. Most of the time, the advocates often charge a percentage of the trade value as additional fees levied to cover any loss in reputation for vouching for them.


The District is entirely self-sufficient to the point that its internal economic output can only be guessed at. They do not openly share information with those outside their District and their economic situation can only be inferred from the few reports coming from Prain operatives whom have managed to infiltrate the District and ingratiate themselves with the populace.

Law Enforcement

The society as whole is anathema to outcasters, as it is them who are blamed first should something untoward happen and any outcaster foolish enough to be around when their enforcers arrive are quickly made the scapegoats of and punished far more harshly than any Hooorainian would have been for the same crime.

Thankfully, immediate expulsion from the District is the usual punishment metered out to outcasters for many minor infractions whether this is done peacefully or forcefully. Unforunately for the major offences such as murder, even if substantial evidence exists to the contrary, outcasters typically face a death sentence at the hands of outcaster enforcers, often without the due trial or process mandated by Hooorianian law.

Industrial Infrastructure

The Hooorainians are reticent to speak about their District and what little information is available was gleaned through Prainian operatives placed there countless generations before so that they can ingratiate themselves within the community at large, but even then, they quickly become distrustful of their former masters.

What is known though is that they can produce enough material, food and resources internally to provide for twice the population of Hooorain. Whatever they are doing with the surplus production, no information can be uncovered and only wild theories are offered.

The Language of the Hooorain

The official language of District Hooorain isn't the common tongue of other Techniconica citizens because the long isolation that Hooorain forced upon it's people have allowed them to develop their own language, one which Outcasters find confusing, if not downright devious.

The actual language itself is based loosely from Technic, the official language of Techniconica, but has been warped so much that it no longer shares any real common words and the sentence structure is often completely alien to non- Hooorainians.

The only reliable translators for the Hoorainian primary tongue dwell within District Prain - many of whom have an affinity for District Hooorain because the language is so difficult to decipher, Prain high-ranking officials sometimes use the language to pass coded communications between themselves, knowing that even if the code was cracked, the message itself will probably be less than useful to the cracker.

Nearly all Hooorainians can speak the common tongue, Technic but there are a few enclaves within the District that refuse to even learn the common tongue at all - for they see no need to sully themselves with communication with Outcasters and the number of these "extremists" is growing with every passing generation as the gap between the District and the wider world continues to grow.

District Statistics

Current Population172,137
Population Growth Ratio18.428 (1742.8% increase)
Settlement Land Area5,026.5482km2
Population Density34.2456 pop/km
Male/Female Ratio0.9639 m/f ratio

Population Growth

Related Timeline

The Resource WarsY2021

Global reserves of precious resources such as common metals, diamonds, gold and other valuable commodities become drained. Commodity prices skyrocket, forcing governments to stock pile the remaining reserves and issue government bonds for civilian supplies.

Widespread panic erupts across Old Earth and several cities are razed as widespread rioting sets in. Millions die in the ensuring chaos.

Martial law is established in several major cities and several smaller countries.

The "Salvation Project" Is FormedY2022

Several of the major governments, notably those from the United Kingdom, United States, China and Russia sign what would later become known as the "Salvation Project".

"Petty" wars are put aside as they strive for a new, common goal, to establish a colony on another world in the vain hopes of starving off global resource starvation.

Each government pledges a large amount of their material reserves to the project in the hope of securing future resources from further out in the solar system.

Mining of the Moon BeginsY2023

Several prospective companies launch exploratory probes to start mining operations on the moon and later Mars. The first companies eventually fail in their ventures, although it does path the way for many of the key technologies needed for future space travel.

The Resource Crisis EruptsY2029

Faced with dwindling natural resources, nation turns upon nation and vast areas erupt into bloodshed as armies are unleashed against neighbors in a bid to secure the last remaining natural resources.

Widespread famine devastates the remaining survivors, and nuclear weapons are used against overly aggressive and oppressive nations.

3rd World War EruptsY2030

War erupts, killing vast swaythes of humanity.

Construction Begins On The Generational ShipsY2045

Construction begins on the first of several multiple generation ships intended to allow mankind to colonise other planets. Several key technologies are incorporated into the Generational Ships which are taken directly from the 1st generation of Mechs such as anti-grav plating, efficient power generation, multi-fuel generators and carbon-scrubber technology.

Techniconica ColonisedY4127

The first colonists make planetfall on Techniconica. They establish the colony which would later become known as Distrct Frandor.

Several hundred isolated groups strike out across Techniconica in a bid to earn their own place on the new world.

Sheran Colony EstablishedY4130

The District of Sheran is established to meet local trade agreements and enforce the "fair" trading between everyone involved.

Location taxation of transactions begins a short while later, ensuring a steady stream of incoming for the self-imposed rulership of Sheran.

Monarch Regallliar AscendsY4131.014

Monarch Regallliar, a distant cousin of the previous Monarch, ascends. Days after ascending, Farran dissidents begin calling for his removal after a series of brutal reprisals whilst they begin calling for his removal. Growing raider attacks on the outskirts of District Raglor begin but retribution is slow in coming.

Monarch Regallliar Rein of BloodY4131.018

Regalliar orders a large number of his political opponents murdered. He hires several hit squads to attack and kill his opponents in a matter of a few hours.

Battle of Hook BayY4131.063

A small staging point for District Farran is attacked by Raglorian navy forces. The makeshift base is destroyed in the opening barrage, leaving the Farran forces unable to re-deploy.

Callixis SettledY4132

A small mining settlement experiences rapid growth due to it be situated at the cross roads of seven great trading routes between the more prosperous Districts.

Callixis expands rapidly, not only because it's location is ideal for traders to rest at, but Callixis begins to imply a small tithe on all goods passing through which helps feed the growth.

Eventually, most traders find alternative, more direct trading routes, but by then District Callixis is firmly established in its own right and becomes a supply and trading hub itself.

Oran Trading House OpensY4138

The House Oran officially opens its doors after several years of successful trading with near cities.

Gate Tolls Are InstalledY4141

Farran District first institutes their infamous gate-tolls, to immediate effect of raising massive sums of credits for the local economy. Trade plummets for the next few years as a direct result.

Governess Tegari Ascends To The ThroneY4151.112

Tegari is installed as the reining monarch of the Raglor District. Although she is currently in her early 80's she still retains power.

Attack on Governess TegariY4151.118

A group stage an assassination attempt on the Governess. She is successfully taken to safety before the attackers are able to accomplish their plan.

All conspirators are caught and publically executed.

Synths First Used In CombatY4161

The Synths are first employed on the open battlefield to great success against District Raglor.

Drakkx SettledY4231

Drakkx is settled near a large mineral deposit.

Drazen SettledY4247

Drazen is settled

Raglorian Phalanx MassacreY4334.241

A Raglorian army is ambushed and massacred by District Oran.

Cataonus Mung AscendsY4336

Cataonus Mung ascends to leadership of District Sheran.

Population AuditY4338

District Raglor audits the Population of Techniconica. Current Population stands at 10.42M.

Barranx Artillery ExchangeY4345

District Sheran & District Hooorain exchange artillery fire across the Barranx desert range.

District Prain Goes DarkY4376

All contact with District Prain goes dark for 64 days before contact is eventually established. All external visitors are denied access during this time. No Prain representatives will report on the cause. Many believe that there was a coup on the ruling elite of District Prain.

Mount Kray EruptsY4378

For the 3rd time since Y4341.

Gunthar Otharian is KilledY4380.18

Several cult members are also killed in the attack by District Prain operatives. The strike is successful at taking out the cult leader.