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Cataonus Mung

Rise to Power

Cataonus Mung is the most powerful man in the whole of the Sheran District. A charismatic leader, he is a paranoid silver tongued devil with a heartless streak that only matches his ruthless efficiency when dealing with those who try to supplant his leadership.

Mung himself is little over 40 standard years old, and has ruled over Sheran with an iron grip since he was 20, despite the public facade of the Central Committee which has become Mungs personal playground to do with as he pleases. This has come about through careful manipulation of the laws passed, subtle alterations to the texts of the laws passed to garner him further power whilst staving off attempts to supplant him.

Family & Upbringing

Mung grew up a sole sibling to a loveless family in one of the outer areas of Sheran, far from the ruling bodies of Sheran proper.

From a young age, it was clear that Mung was highly intelligent, almost to the point of being a genius although his keen intellect didn't have any real direction until he got the chance to join the Central Committee when he was 17.

When he did so though, he quickly outshined the more senior members of the Central Committee and this brought him into conflict numerous times as they saw him as an upstart and a direct threat to their power.

Assassination Attempts

Due to his rising prominence amongst the Central Committee, the existing powers that felt threatened attempted, several times, to assassinate the young Cataonus. Twice, during state dinners was his food poisoned and he only survived by virtue of him being warned beforehand by his network of spies.

The other attempt on his life was during a public meeting and an assassin shot at him with a high-powered scoped rifle. Fortunately, the would-be assassin missed by a mere hairs breadth, and was quickly slain himself as he attempted to flee the scene.