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Overview and General Description

Behemoths are massive land dwelling creatures, often weighing up to 14 metric tonnes when adult (although the average is around 10 tonne).

They have three pairs of legs which end in massive hoofs and their heads are small and squat with two horn-like hard protrusions that come out of the skulls.


Behemoths are generally docile creatures until startled, which caused them to stampede, often with disastrous results. Wild Behemoths are generally cautious, if not shy, around man, although there are domesticated versions readily available in cattle markets for use as beasts of burden and for their meat in hard times.


Behemoths are one of the main prey items for Skywings, although they are also the main food source for roving packs of Wasters

Distribution & Breeding

Behemoths are native to Raglor province, although they have since been exported to the other continents by man to act as primitive beasts of burden - they are ideal at pulling plows in tough terrain where specialist Mechs aren't available.

Mating only occurs during one month of the year and their young are born live, some ten months later with a brood of up to five babies.