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The Arch Daecon

Rise to Power

The shadowy individual known simply as the Arch Daecon of Prain is as enigmatic as he is shrouded in mystery. He is an open secret amongst the citizens of Prain, a mysterious individual whom pulls all the strings across the entire District and it is widely known that his influence spreads throughout the world and even extends into the other Districts through his network of spies, informants and agents.

How the Arch Daecon come to power is as much a mystery as his or her true identity, although many have hypothesised that there may have perhaps been more than one Arch Daecon throughout the years.


The Arch Daecon rarely acts on his own behalf for that would risk exposure but when he does deem it necessary to act, it is always through intermediaries and emissaries whom carry out his will to the letter.

His agents operate through a complex web of intermediaries and contacts, with orders and instructions passing from agent to agent and information flowing across the entire web until it eventually reaches the Arch Daecon.

Public Image

The "public" image of the Arch Daecon is that of a shadow or a cowed shape wearing a skin-tight body suit of purest black, a fiction that the Daecon encourages as it gives him a sense of anomyity which is required for him to be truly effective. When he is depicted in the news reels, the figure is often seen wielding a two-handed sword of pure jet black, which symbolises the Daecon's reputation and his increased reach not only within District Prain, but across the globe.

The Spy Network

The Arch Daecon works through his network of spies, gathering information and replacing or removing those which may prove dangerous or may harm the interests of Prain in a direct or indirect way.

Indeed, there is a saying that goes "there is nothing that the Arch Daecon does not know about and nothing happens without his consent." Whether this is true or not, nobody can know, except perhaps, the Arch Daecon himself.

Political Views

The Arch Daecon political views are often jaded towards the other Districts, and his prime motivations are to protect and further District Prian"â„¢s objectives.