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The History Of Techniconica

The world of Techniconica

After Old Earth was devestated by the Resource Wars in the year 2021, the world of Techniconica was chosen, amongst other habitable worlds, as one of the last bastions of humanity. Several vast multi-generational colony ships, known as the Generational Ships, were built. Each Generational Ship were to house the enough colonists to start a new colony of humans at their destinations and when they were finished, they were cast into the darkness of the void to start their mission.

Colonised in the year 4127 by one of the Generational Ships , the world of Techniconica spins 23 thousand light years away from the cradle of Humanity.

In the 254 years that followed, Techniconica has thrived and starved at the whims of those in power and the Age of the Districts is now upon us.

War continues to wage between all levels of society from petty raiders through to and open and covert warfare between the vast Districts themselves.

Humanity & The Districts

View of District Raglor

Districts are large cities, constructed from concrete, metal & other materials that dot the surface. Each District looks to their own political agenda, backed by a body of professional militia and advanced technology and protected by the sheer might of their titanic power shields that protect the core regions of each District.

Each District is home to those that can eek out a living under the shadow of their betters, whilst those that cannot or will not submit are driven off or slain out of hand. Each District supports its own munipal infrastructure and each District is home to a unique culture.

Outside the outer curtain walls of the 'Big Eight' Districts, the survivors deemed unsuitable to carve out of a life in the Districts eek out an existence outside of the Districts confines, out in the lawless wastes beyond the agri-farms and lower slums. Raiders, bandits and those foolish or brave enough to face the wastes can be found plying their respective trades of pillage and plundering out there in the lawless wastes.

Techniconical Evolution & The Mechs

Various Mech Parts

Technology is not at a stand still on Techniconica, despite the threat of raiders, inter-District politics and petty wars. Each District tries to out-do the others to develop new technologies that are hoped to give them the edge, whether that be through advanced military technologies or more subtle means such as more advanced surveillance methods and technology.

The remnants of the technology left over from the Generational ships are evident everywhere, from the pre-fabricated housing used to house the higher-paid workers to industrial mining Mechs through to an adaptive, rapid transit system which means that travelling between Districts can be as fast as riding a grav-train beneath the seas or as difficult as taking your chances across the wastes in your very own, battle-hardened Mech.

The vast population of the world still benefits from the technological advances and there is no real need for scarcity as far as basic commodities are concerned - food is in plentiful supply for those that live in more civilised Districts, although the strong keep the poor down-trodden lest their positions of power be usurped.

Economy & Work

Techniconica credits

Trade across Techniconica is fuelled by greed and the acquisition of credits. The principal method of acquiring credits is through trade, although some do resort to petty banditry and raiding when they see the opportunity.

For most of the population of Techniconica, work usually comprises of manual labour of some description, whether that be through mining precious ores deep underground, or tending to agri-farms on the outskirts of the Districts. Some high-value workers and thinkers even get paid good hard credits to churn out new technologies or to develop the existing technologies and weaponry for their overseers and masters.

A lucky few may even scrape enough credits together to afford a Mech of some description, whether that be a second hand mining Mech on it's last legs, or something more altogether lethal (both for those around the Mech and for the occupant!).

Other Reports


District Callixis

District Callixis

Callixis' internal bureaucracy is legendarily slow, to the point that it can take years for legislative amendments to be made to the vast bulk of the body of law and policies that govern all life within the armoured walls of Callixis.

District Farran

District Farran

There is little to no structure or leadership within the walls of Farran District aside from the simple rule that the strong rule over the weak with an iron fist.

District Frandor

District Frandor

The Council of Elders leads District Frandor in all things from war through to political and public policy.

District Hooorain

District Hooorain

There is little known about the ruling caste of Hooorain because they do not communicate openly with outsiders.

District Oran

District Oran

The mining families of Oran are infamous for their infighting and near constant internal assaults on one another that border on clan feuds and petty civil war.

District Prain

District Prain

Few know the true identity of the Arch Daecon of Prain, fewer still know his face and even the ruling body of Prain know little about their shadowy overlord whom acts through intermediaries in all things.

District Raglor

District Raglor

Raglor was once the seat of power for the entire world until Raglor's global influence waned shortly before the Great War.

District Sheran

District Sheran

Sheran is ruled over by a confederation of interested parties whom form a central committee, headed up by the Cataonus Mung.

The Districts

The Districts

The Districts are ever-expanding cities dotted across the surface of Techniconica.


Auto Repair Stations

Auto Repair Stations are large pieces of equipment which can be used to repair parts using ingots of specific material types.



Credits are the main, indispensable currency of Techniconica and are used in almost all transactions as a means of transferring value or retaining value.

Mech Assemblers

Mech Assemblers are vital pieces of equipment for those looking to create Mechs from parts as well as modify existing Mechs.

Underground Transport System

The Underground Transport System or UTS is a system for inter-District transport that is fully autonomous and self-governing.

Universal Articulated Joints

Universal Articulated Joints (UAJ) is one of the most crucial technological advances that enable the creation of Mechanised Environmental Constructs (or Mechs for short).

Work & Professions

The work available to the vast population of Techniconica tends to be manual labour of some description such as mining or farming.


Bosc International

Bosc International

Bosc International was founded by Killian Bosc who specialised in weapons production and development although they have recently branched out into armour and shield technology.

Colt Arms

Colt Arms

Colt Arms was a privately funded development group created to ensure continual development of the high-powered lasers used in mining and have since adapted their technological innovations to creating laser based weaponry.

Frandor Technologies

Frandor Technologies

Perhaps the largest independent research and development company on the surface of Techniconica, Frandor Technologies are always on the cutting edge of technological development.


Cataonus Mung

Cataonus Mung is the most powerful man in the whole of the Sheran District.

Marxen Hacktor

Marxen has always been regarded as a mad genius, easily capable of excelling at whatever endeavor he set his mind to.

Military Forces of Techniconica

Each individual District maintains a dedicated military force of its own for both offensive and defensive reasons.

Tegeris Lorach

Lorach was groomed from a very early age to lead the Raglorian people to glory and wealth.

The Arch Daecon

The shadowy individual known simply as the Arch Daecon of Prain is as enigmatic as he is shrouded in mystery.

The Inspectorate

The Inspectorate

The Inspectorate is the de-centralised agency of assessors and collectors of provincial taxation across Techniconica for the Districts.

Tiarian Mung

Tiarian himself is the head of the Mung family living amongst the nobility of Farran District and is a very distant cousin of Cataonus Mung, the ruling Monarch of Raglor.

Tiberan Candorin

Tiberian heralds from a poor family in the eastern region of Raglor.



Barrandor is a small trade centre with a small population of traders, miners, mercenaries and assorted tradesmen.


Drakkx was named by the fierce warlord, Drakkx who founded the settlement for his band of raiders to operate from.


Drazen was named for the first "Count", Count Drazen.


Franx was a thriving farming settlement until the blight took hold and decimated their crops.


Lulan is a small settlement east of Sheran with little in the way of remarkable features, apart from the giant standing stones which dot the region within which the settlement is located.


The great sky-borne settlement of Skry is perhaps one of the greatest refuges of science on Techniconica.


The city of the dead, Skulken, was once a mass berial site for those that died during the Great War.


Trapt is a word which means "wanders" in the native tongue of those who dwell in the Bungarian valley.


Tullinor is unusual in that the vast majority of it's population live deep underground in the remnants of the complex tunnel network of mines that once stretched across the region where the settlement is situated.


Vulnar grew out of a small trade center and now has a sizeable population and is rapidly gaining political power in it's own right.

The History

The Generational Ships

The Generational Ships were colossal ships that were, by necessity, completely self-sustaining by providing food, air, water, power and even gravity for the occupants during transit.

The Great War

The Great War was the first and only great war that was fought across Techniconica involving all the Districts in one way or another.

The Mechs


M.E.C.H.s (short for Mechanised Environmental Construct or Mechs in general parlance) are large robotic constructs originally designed to handle the harsh environments from the hard vacuum of space to the deep depths of a planetary crust.


Pilots are trained to operate and pilot Mechs and their skills, experience and knowledge can vary greatly, as green, novice, pilots are often inexperienced & naive about the finer points of military tactics in modern Mech warfare whereas the more exper



Behemoths are massive land dwelling creatures, often weighing up to 14 metric tonnes when adult (although the average is around 10 tonne).

Horned Wasps

Horned wasps are large, vicious insects that belong to sparse colonies that thrive out in the wasteland.


Skywings are the aerial predators of the skies, growing in size up to 1.


Wasters are small, dog-like creatures with little to no intellect of their own.