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The Mech Combat Card Game

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Core Rulebook

Core Rulebook

Buy the Techniconica rulebook so you'll always have a rules reference to refer back to during your Mech battles.

This 16 page A4 rulebook is a concise companion to your Techniconica cards and contains the core Techniconica rules so you can start playing straight away with your Mech parts.

The rulebook itself presents the rules in a clear format, so why not order yours today?

Key Features

  • Contains all the Techniconica rules enabling you to play a game
  • 16 pages of rules including illustrations and diagrams
  • Printed on high quality paper with thick covers


  • Full rules covering:
    • Mech Construction
    • Mech Combat
    • Special Rules Compendium
    • Game play varients & rules covering multiplayer games