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Techniconica - The Mech Combat Card Game

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Extended Rulebook

Extended Rulebook

Buy the Techniconica Extended Rulebook today and not only get the 16 pages of rules, but you'll also get 29 pages of detailed background on the Techniconica world as well!

This 48 page A4 rulebook features the rules and companion background material to the world, the Mechs and the infamous personalities living on the world of Techniconica.

The rules are the same rules presented in our Core Rulebook which allow you to use your Techniconica cards to play games against friends (or enemies!).

The rule section itself presents the rules in a clear, easy to understand format, so why not order yours today?

Key Features

  • Contains all the Techniconica rules enabling you to use your Techniconica game
  • 16 pages of rules including illustrations and diagrams
  • 29 pages detailing the world of Techniconica, who lives there and background reading.
  • Printed on high quality paper with thick covers


  • Full rules covering:
    • Mech Construction
    • Mech Combat
    • Special Rules Compendium
    • Game play varients & rules covering multiplayer games
    • Extensive background on the world of Techniconica itself, it's Districts and people.