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Sniper Wolf

Sniper Wolf

This is a Techniconica pre-built Mech with which to play the game of Techniconica with. This Mech consists of 8 cards.

Each card is printed on thick card stock and should, with care, last a long time and serve you well!

By buying a Pre-Built Mech, you not only have all the cards needed to field a new Mech in your games, but also gives you a batch of cards to build and extend other Mechs with!

Most Mechs also gain a bulk buy discount as well (we offer bulk buy discounts on orders over certain amounts and this will be reflected in your cart).

This does not include a Pilot card and a suitable one can be found here.

Mech Background

Few can out shoot the ballistic firepower of the Sniper Wolf. A favorite amongst mercenaries and bandits alike, the Sniper Wolf has proved itself time and time again.


The Sniper Wolf was amongst the first Mech pattern to be constructed as the technology for it was widely available and more importantly, reliable.

The quad heavy autocannons fire shells at an astonishing rate at the enemy - not many enemy vehicles could compete with the rate of fire that the Sniper Wolf could throw out.

Card Totals

Power Plant1

Card Stats


Mech Stats

Power Consumption7 out of 10
Weight17 out of 18

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