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Special Rules Compendium

The following list of Special Rules is the most up to date and exhaustive list of Special Rules for the Techniconica game.

We will publish Frequently Asked Questions about specific rules here.


Some weapons are exceptionally accurate and can be used to put lead down range exactly where the pilot intends.

If a weapon has the Accurate Special Rule, when rolling to Attack, roll 2x 10 sided (2D10) die, discard the lowest roll and keep the highest die result (this is the opposite of Inaccurate).

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Sniper CannonGriffon Howitzer Cannon

Anti-Mech Specialist

Some Pilots are exceptionally great at spotting the weak points in the enemy Mechs armour.

Pilots with this rule may add +1 Damage Points whenever they cause damage.

Armour Piercing

Armour-piercing weapons are used to punch through armoured plating with ease.

When applying damage to Armour type Cards, treat this weapon as doing twice the number of Damage Points from this attack when applying damage to Armour (it doesn't double any damage already applied to the part from previous shots). If attacking Shields or Base Parts, it does normal damage.

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Heavy AutocannonPenetrator CannonSniper CannonChain-HalberdAuto HowitzerSpikerDrill Ram ArmMK Class Recoilless CannonMech-Carried Railgun


Some weapons launch vast arrays of projectiles at the enemy which are designed to strike the enemy in a very short period of time.

If a Barrage weapon successfully hits, then the difference between the Combat Totals is the number of times the weapon has hit the enemy. All the hits caused by a Barrage weapon only do the Damage Output of the weapon. They do not add the difference in Combat Total to the Damage of each individual hit.

For example, if you fire a Vulcan Cannon at an enemy Mech and get a Combat Total difference of 4, then the Vulcan Cannon counts as scoring 4 individual hits against the enemy Mech's target part. Therefore, in total, the Damage done to the enemy part is 12 points of Damage (4 x 3 Damage Output = 12 points of Damage).

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Vulcan CannonSmall Rocket PodBosc Heavy BlasterCloud Spore LauncherGatling-CannonDecimater Rocket PodBombardier MissileFlame Lance

Camo Field (X)

Camo fields are smaller, localised stealth fields allowing the Mech pilot to conceal a part.

When a Part with this Special Rule is targeted, the defending Mech gains a bonus to their Evasive roll equal to the number in brackets.


Cloaking fields are used to disguise parts and render them invisible to the enemy, at least until they are fire used.

If a Base Part has a Card with Cloak attached to it, instead of placing the Base Part the correct way up, place it facing down. This will conceal the parts identity from the enemy.

The Base Part will be revealed on the following circumstances:

  • A) The Base Part is successfully Hit and damaged
  • B) The Base Part is used to attack with
  • C) Any Triggered ability (even those from Attached Cards) are triggered.

When revealed, the Base Part is flipped back over. From then on, it is treated normally.

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Herald-Crux Pattern Cockpit

Corrosive (X)

Some weapons are exceptionally corrosive, utilising potent acids, nano-particles or some other means to inflict damage over time.

When an attack causes damage to an enemy part that does not destroy it, mark it with a number of corrosive counters equal to the number in brackets (a die will do). These must be kept separate from any Damage Counters on the part.

At the end of each Turn, if a part has one or more Corrosive counters on it, remove one Corrosive counter and add 1 Damage counter to that particular part.

Subsequent attacks may add further Corrosive counters to a part; just add them to the targeted Card. No matter how many Corrosive counters are on a part, it only receives 1 damage point per turn from Corrosive damage sources.

Corrosive damage is an exception to the general rule that Damage "wraps" around. For example, if an attached Card is destroyed by Corrosive damage (or normal damage), then any further damage from Corrosive damage counters left will be applied to the base part (or another attached Card if there are any attached).


Some pilots are simply courageous, ignoring the gnawing fear inside themselves that battle can bring.

Pilots with the Courageous Special Rule may re-roll a failed Bottle Test once. They must abide by the result of the second roll.

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Nalkian Tigurn


Some weapons are designed to be fired exceptionally quickly and feature reduced recoil and rapid fire mechanisms.

When firing a weapon with Dual-Shot, these may be fired twice for each Shooting action, if they are the only weapon being fired for this Action. Treat both shots as two separate shots (i.e. roll To Hit and resolve damage separately or each of the two shots). If you fire another weapon, you lose the benefits of Dual-Shot for that turn.

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Recoil DampenerFlame Lance


Some pilots are simply fearless - they will continue to fight even in the face of overwhelming odds.

Certain Pilots are reckless or are simply inured to the dangers of the open battlefield. They automatically pass all Bottle Tests required to make (even by Frightening weapons).

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Zombas HullerilYulan LoggDangerous Danny

Fearsome Reputation

Some pilots have reputations for being exceptionally dangerous individuals, often with no qualms about killing captured pilots.

The pilot has a fearsome reputation. All Bottle Tests caused by attacks from this Pilot suffer a +1 penalty.

Flame Thrower

Certain weapons utilise super-heated fuels which are projected over the enemy.

Some weapons throw superheated fuel at the enemy. Weapons with the Flame Thrower may be used in Charge! actions as well as when doing a Shooting attack.

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Flame Lance

Frightening | Frightening (X)

Facing certain weapons is a frightening affair due to their destructive nature or widespread reputation for total destruction.

Weapons with the Frightening Special Rule automatically cause Bottle Tests when they cause any damage what so ever.

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Mech-Carried Tactical Nuke

Gravity Field (X)

Being able to manipulate the gravity field is a relatively new field of technological development and a few enterprising individuals have sought to make weapons with this technology.

When a weapon with the Gravity Field hits an enemy Mech, temporarily increase the Weight of the "base" part struck by weapon by X (found in the brackets).

Then calculate the new Total Weight for the Mech again. If the additional Weight is enough to increase the total Weight of the Mech above the Maximum Weight of the Locomotor, apply the rules for "Overweight Mechs."


Hardened parts feature extensive internal bracing and reactive nano-technology to improve the damage resistance to damage.

If a Mech part has the Hardened Special Rule, treat the part as having an increased Armour value equal to the total damage applied to the part so far.

For example, if a Part has 2 Damage Points applied to it and it has an Armour value of 2, then when it suffers more damage, treat the part as having an Armour value of 4 (2 + 2 = 4).

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Gun Pod


Electromagnetic manipulation is used to either disable or destroy enemy Mech systems, preventing them from reacting or even acting.

When calculating the damage caused by a hit from a weapon with the Haywire Special Rule, ignore the 'firing weapons' Damage Output (DO) and use the targeted part's Power Consumption instead. If the targeted part has no Power Consumption (PC) stat, than the attack is wasted and counts as having missed instead.

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Electro-FlailDoomsday MissileEM Lance Cannon

Heavy Ordnance

Some weapons are exceptionally heavy and require expensive recoil compensation to use properly. Such weapons typically can't be fired alongside other weaponry.

Certain weapons are exceptionally heavy and slow to fire. You may only ever have 1 weapon with Heavy Ordnance on any given Mech.

In addition, you cannot fire any other weapon when firing the Heavy Ordnance.

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Mech-Carried Tactical NukeDoomsday MissileBombardier Missile


Certain weapons are inherently inaccurate due to their design.

If a weapon has the Inaccurate Special Rule, when rolling to Attack, roll 2 10 sided (D10) dice, discard the highest roll and keep the lowest dice result (this is the opposite of Accurate).

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Phalanx MortarShard CannonBombard Multi-MortarDoomsday Missile

Limited Ammo (X)

Some weapons can only carry so much ammunition into battle.

Whenever a weapon with Limited Ammo fires, place a counter (a die will do) on the Card. Once the "usage" counter reaches the number given in brackets, remove the part from the Mech, as it is no longer of any use in the battle.

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Mech-Carried Tactical NukeDecimater Rocket PodDoomsday MissileBombardier MissileMK Class Recoilless CannonMissile Destroyer Phalanx


Some Pilots are simply luckier than others and can call on lady luck far more than they should.

Some pilots are simply just lucky. They gain a free Re-Roll every turn. If this free Re-Roll isn't used that turn, it is lost and cannot be carried over into future turns.

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Laxcore Cull


Some Pilots take pride in keeping their fighting Mechs in tip top condition - their weapons are well oiled and religiously clean.

Mechanics know how to keep their Mechs in perfect running order. Mechs piloted by a Pilot with the Mechanic rule may re-roll any To Hit rolls that cause a weapon to become Jammed. They must abide by the second roll, even if it is also another Jam result.

Missile Defender

Some parts feature advanced radar and tracking technologies allowing them to track, identify and destroy incoming missiles.

Missile Defenders are adept at defeating enemy missiles. If the enemy uses a weapon with the Missile subtype against the Mech, the Defending Mech gains a +5 bonus to their Evasion Roll if they have any parts with the Missile Defender Special Rule.

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Phalanx DefenderMissile Destroyer Phalanx


Some pilots are great orators, instilling a sense of fearlessness in their fellow pilots.

Once per game, a Pilot with the Orator ability may allow one Mech on your team to reroll a failed Bottle Test. This cannot be used in conjunction with Courageous.

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Yulan Logg


Certain weapons are prone to overheating in the maelstrom of battle.

Once per game, a Pilot with the Orator ability may allow one Mech on your team to re-roll a failed Bottle Test. This cannot be used in conjunction with Courageous.

Power Booster

Power boosted power generators allow for temporary power output increases, at the cost of blowing out power relays. This allows it to boost its output for short periods of time.

You may Trigger the power booster ability at any time; simply declare that you are going to using the Power Booster. The attached Power Generator immediately doubles the Power Output of the Power Plant that has this rule.

However, this comes at a price. Once the turn is over, the power generator overloads and becomes useless. Therefore, the part must be removed from play during the End Turn phase.


Some parts are exceptionally rare or expensive, which means that they are rarely seen on the open battlefield.

You may only ever have 1 part with the Rare Special Rule on any of your Mechs. This also applies to your entire Mech team if you are fielding more than 1 Mech. You can only ever have 1 Part with the Rare rule no matter how many Mechs you may field.

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Mech-Carried Tactical Nuke


Some parts require extensive energy reserves to fire.

Certain parts with the Recharge Special Rule require a brief period of time to recharge the power capacitors and energy banks.

Weapons with the Recharge Special Rule may be used as normal, but cannot be used the turn after. If the Mech is in 'Low Power' mode, then the weapon will not be recharged and becomes useless until the Mech is no longer in 'Low Power' Mode.

Regenerate (X)

Some shields integrate regenerative circuitry which allows it to regenerate or 'self-heal' the field generators and bring them back online.

Energy fields may have the Regenerate ability where they will automatically come back online themselves, provided they aren't destroyed entirely. During the Active Player's End Phase, you may remove X number (given in brackets) of Damage points if the shield with Regenerate is the only Shield left.

For example, a shield with Regenerate (2) would remove 2 Damage Counters at the end of each turn (provided it isn't destroyed).

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'Energy Bubble'Galaxia ShieldRegenerative Circuitry


Some weapons are designed to be reliable, preventing them from jamming on a regular basis.

Weapons with the Reliable Special Rule can never Jam. Treat the Jam result as a miss instead.

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AutocannonSmall Rocket PodPhalanx MortarMedium Missile RackSpikerTri-ShotgunBombard Multi-MortarDrill Ram ArmMK Class Recoilless CannonGriffon Howitzer CannonFlame LanceFletchette Launcher

Shield Disruptor

Some weapons are designed to disrupt, disable or destroy shields by overloading them.

These weapons remove shields far more effectively than other weapons. Weapons with the Shield Disruptor special rule apply double the amount of Damage when they deal damage to Cards with the "shield" type.

Snare (X)

Some weapons are designed to ensnare the enemy Mech, slowing them down and making them easier to hit.

If a Mech is hit with a weapon with the Snare special rule, then the Speed is reduced by the number indicated by the first number in the brackets (X) for a number of full turns equal to the second number (Y), including the turn that the weapon hits the enemy Mech.

If the weapon misses, then the enemy Mech is unaffected. If multiple weapons with the Snare special rule hit an enemy Mech, then apply the effects of the attack with the highest Speed reduction immediately. They don't "stack" on top of each other (ignore the other weapon hits).

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Snare LauncherCantrap LauncherMech Lifter Arm

Stealth (X)

Some parts project a stealth field over the Mech, concealing its true position from the enemy.

Support systems with Stealth (X) add a bonus to the Mechs Speed (SP) rating equal to the number given in brackets when being shot at an enemy Mech. This applies even if the part being targeted doesn't have Stealth. Note that the Stealth "Speed" Bonus applies even if the Locomotor is destroyed.

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Stealth Field Emitter

Tandem Shot

Some weapons are designed to be fired in tandem with other weapons.

These weapons are designed to fire with another weapon. You need 2 weapons on the same Mech with the Tandem Shot special rule to use this rule. These may be fired at the same time without any penalty to the Pilot's Accuracy Rating (AC), if the only weapons being fired this turn all have the Tandem Shot rule.

Target Lock

Some weapons feature extensive targeting computers and recoil bracing, allowing them to remain steady and on-target despite the rolling terrain found on modern battlefields.

The bonus from an Aim action is doubled when firing this weapon.

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Griffon Howitzer CannonFletchette Launcher


Turbo-boosters allow for momentary speed increases.

When a Mech with a Locomotor with Turbo-Booster chooses to Evade, it doubles the Move Bonus it receives up to a maximum of the Locomotor's normal Speed stat.

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Anti-Grav PodGauntlet Pattern Tracked Locomotor