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Example of Game Play

Mech Construction & Set Up

Both Players begin by building their Mechs. Player 1 is using a Sniper Wolf Mech which consists of:

This Mech has a total Weight of 17 and the Locomotor (the Heavy Track unit) can handle a Maximum Weight of 18. Power Consumption is 7 and it has a Power Output of 10 from the Maxitron Power Generator.

Player 2's Mech is fielding a Phalanx Giant and consists of:

The Phalanx Giant has a Weight of 14 (compared to the Maximum Weight of 18) and has a Power Consumption of 8 compared to a maximum Power Output of 12.

Clearly, both Mechs have some further room to grow as the players get more part cards!

Both players are using Veteran Pilots (Accuracy 4 and Re-Rolls of 2) to keep things even handed.

The Mechs

Sniper Wolf Mech

Phalanx Giant Mech

Turn 1

Player 1's Actions

Player 1 decides to go first and decides to take a shot. He decides to open up with one of his Heavy Autocannons against the enemies Power plant, the Thunder-pattern power generator.

Both players roll their ten sided dice (D10). Player 1 rolls a '3' and his opponent rolls a '4'.

Player 1 adds his Pilots Accuracy of 4 to the dice and the Penetration of the weapon (Penetration of 4) and comes out with 11.

Player 2 adds his Mech's Speed to the dice (which is 4 also) as well as the weapons Armour (of 5) and comes out with 13.

Since the defender's total (Player 2) is less than the attackers (Player 1), then nothing further happens for this action.

His 2nd action is to improve his chances of survival by reducing the chances of his enemy scoring a hit and so he decides to give his Mech a Move order - this will give him a a bonus of '2' when he is fired at next turn (half the Locomotor's Speed of 4).

Player 2's Actions

Player 2 decides to take 'aim' before firing and he declares this to player 1. He now gains a bonus when he next shoots.

When he does shoot next, he will gain a +4 bonus. He then decides to open fire on the enemies Locomotor using his MetalStorm Launcher, to slow him down.

Both players roll a D10 each. Player 2 manages to roll a '8' and to that he adds his Pilot's regular Accuracy (4) plus his Aimming bonus of 4. He also adds the Penetration of the MetalStorm launcher (which is 1). His attacking total is now 17 - quiet a high score indeed!

Player 1, now on the defence, manages to roll a '4'. He adds the Speed of Locomotor (4) plus the Move bonus he received from moving (4 / 2 = 2) as well as the Armour from his Locomotor (which is '6'). His defending total is now 16.

The attackers total is now 1 point more than his enemies, and so has scored a good hit!

Since Player 2 scored a hit, we now work out damage. To do that, we take the difference from the Combat Totals and add the weapons Damage Output (which is 4) to the difference. This yields a total damage of '5' points of damage to apply to Player 1's Locomotor!

The Heavy Track Unit has a Damage Threshold of '4' - we've done '5' points of damage which is enough to destroy it. Player 1 removes the Locomotor and will no longer gain any benefit from it. The excess point of damage can't go anywhere else - it simply wasted.

This isn't enough to remove Player 1 from the game through, although it will make it easier for player 2 to finish him off next turn.

Turn 2

Player 1's Actions

With his Locomotor now gone, he decides to take another couple of shots at the enemy Mech using the Heavy Autocannon against the enemies Power plant in a bid to take him out of the game with a lucky shot.

Both players roll a D10 like before and this time the players roll a '10' and a '6' respectively.

This means that player 1's combat total is '18' (10 from the dice, + 4 from the pilot's Accuracy + 4 from the weapon's Penetration)

Player 2's combat total is '15' (6 from the dice, + 4 from the Locomotors Speed + 5 from the power plants's Armour)

The difference in score is now '3' (18 - 15 = 3) - meaning player 1 scored a good solid hit.

The Damage Output of the Heavy Autocannon is 4 - meaning that a total of 7 points of damage was done to the enemy Mech's power plant.

The Power plant's Damage Threshold is '3' - meaning that it is fully destroyed! The extra 4 points of damage are wasted, unfortunately.

Since Player 2's Mech no longer has any power generators to power it, it isn't able to continue to fight and Player 2 is out of the game - Player 1 has won!