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Reseller Accounts

As a Techniconica Reseller, you get to enjoy several benefits, depending on the level of reseller account you elect to have with us.

Standard Reseller accounts get access to bulk buy rates for Techniconica cards above the standard individual prices given for single cards, allowing you to sell them at your club or shop without restriction and at a price point that your customers will love!

The minimum order is 100 of any one particular card that you wish to stock – so you can order exactly what you expect to sell in your shop term and re-orders are easy.

Reseller Premium Accounts

Premium accounts not only get even further reduced rates, but you also get sample packs of the latest Techniconica cards prior to their release sent straight to your door! This allows you to promo new cards before general release with your gaming club or store.

Reseller Premium accounts have a subscription of £60 per year, although we do offer monthly subscriptions priced at £7 per month for those that want to the "pay as you go" route.

The Current Reseller Account Prices

Premium Account

Qty Reseller Price Minimum Price Per Card Projected Profit*
100£22.33£0.22 £28.67
250£25.45£0.10 £102.05
500£28.59£0.06 £226.41
1,000£33.30£0.03 £476.70
2,000£45.85£0.02 £974.15
5,000£75.64£0.02 £2,474.36
10,000£144.65£0.01 £4,955.35

Premium Reseller Account

Qty Premium Price Minimum Price Per Card Projected Profit*
100£17.17£0.17 £33.83
250£19.58£0.08 £107.92
500£21.99£0.04 £233.01
1,000£25.61£0.03 £484.39
2,000£35.27£0.02 £984.73
5,000£58.18£0.01 £2,491.82
10,000£111.27£0.01 £4,988.73

* Based on average price of each card being 0.51

The prices listed above are for 1 specific quantity of 1 particular card – i.e. if you are wanting to order some Vulcan Cannons and some Maxitron Power Plants, then you would have to order at least 100 of each card as a minimum to take advantage of the ultra low rate reseller bulk pricing (so you'll be ordering a minimum of 200 cards for this example).

If you need only a few single cards, you can order them on our website at the regular retail price, although we do offer bulk buy discounts if your ordering several at a time (see our cart page for details).

How Do I Become A Reseller?

To get a Reseller Account, you are going to need to log into your Techniconica community account, or register one for yourself.

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Promotional Materials

We currently make available a freely distributable part catalog here which you can print off and distribute. If you want to provide this to your customers as a link, we suggest linking to it on our site as we keep the most up to date copy which is periodically refreshed and updated as new part cards are released.

If you require copy for your online ecommerce website which sells our products, we will be more than happy to provide copy within a reasonable turn around time. Just contact us as . Please note that this service is provided as a means to promote our products - we won't provide content for your entire site and will only be limited to up to 250 words for each of our products.