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Here is a collection of famous quotes from across Techniconica from rebellious Mech Pilots to local citizenry and high ranking officers within the various branches of the Techniconica military.

I was a mercenary. Now I am a freelancer.

Zearian Woriss

My word is my bond. My bond is my word.

Kyraio Quinne

My guns never tire of hitting fools.

Yulan Logg

I will gladly kill you. Just give me no reason at all!

Zombas Hulleril

Sparky likes boom booms!

Mung was a fool. His entire family are fools.

Carl Xanon

Have the good graces to die with honour.

They say cowards are your greatest ally in battle because at least you know where they will be when the shooting starts!

Nalkian Tigurn

I am not good. I am GOD!

Maxiron Thael

You think I am good at what I do? You have not seen anything yet!

Arrogance is my best friend. Now go away and leave me to my own awesomeness.

Laxcore Cull

You think I am a cripple? It is you who will be crippled!

Orlian Numl