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Zackarius Hullian Part Card

Zackarius Hullian

This is a premium Techniconica Pilot Card which will enable you to play the game of Techniconica or expand your existing collection of Pilot.

Each card is printed on thick card stock and should, with care, last a long time and serve you well in your battles!

Each Card represents a single piece of a Mech and each card does a specific job for your Mech. Power Plants generate power, Cockpits house the pilot, Weapons are used to fight with and Locomotors are used to give your Mechs mobility.

This part is a Pilot type card and pilots are those that guide the Mechs to victory through a mixture of experience, cunning, tactics and sheer guile. Pilots are drawn from all over Techniconica and their skill and experience levels can vary tremendously..

Part Advantages & Disadvantages

  • Re-Rolls (3)
  • Fortitude (9)
  • Accuracy (3)
  • Minimal Bottle Threshold (3)

Game Stats

Part TypePilot
Bottle Threshold
Special RulesMechanic

Technical Specifications

Eye ColourBlue
Hair ColourBlack

Part Artwork



Zackarius is the premier Mech technician, known across the breadth of Techniconica for his astounding knowledge in all things Mech. He has spent decades repairing the armoured Mech armies of District Raglor, and has also developed numerous Mech parts himself.

Today, he plies his trade up and down Techniconica, selling his knowledge and experience to those able and willing to afford his sky high consulting fees which he sells to Mech part manufacturers as well as rich land barons looking to upgrade their own Mech-born armies.