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Weaponry is what seperates a mining Mech from a Mech designed for warfare and Mech Pilots have the greatest selection of weaponry to choose from below than ever before.

-ArtworkPart NameWeightWEArmourARDamage ThresholdDTPower ConsumptionPCPenetrationPEDamage OutputDOSpecial RulesRatingPrice
View this productMech-Carried RailgunMech-Carried Railgun231655Armour Piercing4 star rating£1.24
View this productMech Lifter ArmMech Lifter Arm322145Snare (2)4.5 star rating£1.31
View this productFletchette LauncherFletchette Launcher233122Reliable, Target-Lock4.5 star rating£1.22
View this productEM Lance CannonEM Lance Cannon133532Haywire4 star rating£1.10
View this productMissile Destroyer PhalanxMissile Destroyer Phalanx423232Missile Defender,
Limited Ammo (4)
4 star rating£1.83
View this productPunisher CannonPunisher Cannon224122Reliable,
Armour Piercing
4.5 star rating£1.67
View this productFlame LanceFlame Lance411-14Flame Thrower, Barrage,
Reliable, Dual-Shot
3.5 star rating£1.39
View this productGriffon Howitzer CannonGriffon Howitzer Cannon423123Reliable, Accurate,
Target Lock
4 star rating£1.98
View this productMK Class Recoilless CannonMK Class Recoilless Cannon142-35Reliable,
Armour Piercing
5 star rating£1.44
View this productDrill Ram ArmDrill Ram Arm354235Armour Piercing, Reliable5 star rating£1.42
View this productSeeker MissileSeeker Missile113-55Accurate, Limited Ammo (1)5 star rating£2.31
View this productBombardier MissileBombardier Missile313-32Limited Ammo (1)
Barrage, Heavy Ordnance
4.5 star rating£1.12
View this productDoomsday MissileDoomsday Missile214-62Limited Ammo (1), Inaccurate,
Haywire, Heavy Ordnance
5 star rating£1.17
View this productBombard Multi-MortarBombard Multi-Mortar313322Inaccurate, Reliable3.5 star rating£0.89
View this productPhalanx DefenderPhalanx Defender232211Missile Defender4 star rating£1.59
View this productDecimater Rocket PodDecimater Rocket Pod212113Reliable,
Limited Ammo (3)
4 star rating£2.40
View this productTri-ShotgunTri-Shotgun322-14Reliable4 star rating£1.08
View this productMech-Carried Tactical NukeMech-Carried Tactical Nuke511-110Limited Ammo (1),
Rare, Heavy Ordnance,
Frightening (2)
3.5 star rating£1.28
View this productSpikerSpiker123151Armour Piercing,
5 star rating£1.29
View this productMedium Missile RackMedium Missile Rack322-22Reliable4 star rating£1.03
View this productPowered GauntletPowered Gauntlet1223554.5 star rating£1.22
View this productInter-Phased SwordInter-Phased Sword2234825 star rating£1.20
View this productPhalanx CannonPhalanx Cannon2341525 star rating£1.14
View this productHeat BeamerHeat Beamer1224354 star rating£1.08
View this productGun PodGun Pod-1111-Hardened4 star rating£0.90
View this productGatling-CannonGatling-Cannon222123Barrage4 star rating£1.20
View this productElectro-FlailElectro-Flail115526Haywire4 star rating£1.26
View this productCloud Spore LauncherCloud Spore Launcher112171Barrage5 star rating£1.35
View this productChain-SwordChain-Sword1121454.5 star rating£1.18
View this productBosc Heavy BlasterBosc Heavy Blaster234122Barrage4.5 star rating£1.20
View this productAuto HowitzerAuto Howitzer233142Armour Piercing5 star rating£1.18
View this productChain-HalberdChain-Halberd122133Armour Piercing4.5 star rating£1.16
View this productCantrap LauncherCantrap Launcher2321-1Snare (3,3)4 star rating£1.00
View this productEverShot ShotgunEverShot Shotgun2331144.5 star rating£1.01
View this productHeat LanceHeat Lance1224534.5 star rating£1.08
View this productShard CannonShard Cannon321224Inaccurate3.5 star rating£0.88
View this productSnare LauncherSnare Launcher233212Snare (1,3)4 star rating£0.96
View this productSniper CannonSniper Cannon221234Accurate,
Armour Piercing
4 star rating£1.22
View this productMetalStorm LauncherMetalStorm Launcher2222144 star rating£0.95
View this productPhalanx MortarPhalanx Mortar333123Reliable,
4.5 star rating£1.03
View this productPenetrator CannonPenetrator Cannon422165Armour Piercing4.5 star rating£1.36
View this productSmall Rocket PodSmall Rocket Pod111-13Reliable,
Limited Ammo (3)
4 star rating£1.26
View this productAutocannonAutocannon223134Reliable4.5 star rating£1.21
View this productHeavy AutocannonHeavy Autocannon334145Armour Piercing5 star rating£1.34
View this productLaser LanceLaser Lance2222334 star rating£1.00
View this productVull LanceVull Lance2222434.5 star rating£1.05
View this productVulcan CannonVulcan Cannon232123Barrage4.5 star rating£1.22