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Welcome to the Support Store!

Support parts strive to support your Mechs in other ways and cna offer differing abilities, boost protection or simply alter somethign about your Techniconica Mech.

-ArtworkPart NameWeightWEPower ConsumptionPCSpecial RulesRatingPrice
View this productLucky DiceLucky Dice--Pilot gains Lucky rule,
Cockpit Only
5 star rating£1.53
View this productLynx Tracking RadarLynx Tracking Radar12Weapon only,
Weapon gains Accurate rule
4.5 star rating£0.98
View this productSolar BoosterSolar Booster1-Triggered,
Mech gains +4 Power Output
5 star rating£0.66
View this productSmoke LaunchersSmoke Launchers1-Triggered,
Reduce enemy Accuracy by -5
When shooting at this Mech
5 star rating£0.66
View this productRecoil DampenerRecoil Dampener21Attach to Weapons only,
Weapon gains Dual Shot
4.5 star rating£0.69
View this productECM Counter UnitECM Counter Unit12-1 to enemy Accuracy
When targeting this Part
4.5 star rating£0.62
View this productAdvanced Targeting RadarAdvanced Targeting Radar14Attach to Cockpit Only,
+2 Accuracy
4 star rating£0.57
View this productStealth Field EmitterStealth Field Emitter16Stealth (1)3.5 star rating£0.79