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Stalker Locomotor Part Card

Stalker Locomotor

Buy this premium Techniconica Part Card today and add it to your Techniconica collection.

Each card is printed on thick card stock and should last a long time and serve you well in your Mech battles and beyond!

Each Card represents a single piece of a Mech and each card does a specific job for your Mech. Power Plants generate power, Cockpits house your pilots, Weapons are used to fight with and Locomotors are used to give your Mechs mobility.

This part is a Locomotor type card and they form the means that a Mech is able to move around the battlefield. Faster locomotors typically are lighter armoured and less able to carry heavier Mechs whereas heavier duty Locomotors can carry more, but are slower on the battlefield..

This particular Part Card has a Weight (WE) of 0, a Power Consumption (PC) of 4 as well an Armour (AR) rating of 3 and a Damage Threshold (DT) of 4. For a view a detailed breakdown of this cards stats, click here.

Game Stats

Damage Threshold
Maximum Weight
Power Consumption
Special Rules

No special rules

Part Background


The Stalker Locomotor hovers around 1m to 2m above the ground, allowing for quick turns of speed with a moderately good weight carrying capacity for the provided turn of speed.

It does lack heavy armour plating through, making it a potential weakness against incoming fire. However, some Pilots feel that the added speed it offers more than makes up for the lack of armour, allowing them to field highly mobile Mechs.


Renowned amongst blockade runners and cross District couriers, the Stalker Locomotor is fast enough for long distance runs whilst retaining enough of a carrying capacility to transport most loads.

Technical Specs

Armour Thickness354.3mm
Effective Armour Thickness490mm
Max Incline10.2 degrees
Maximum Weight40,829kg
Power Consumption172.7kw/sec
Top Speed54.6kph
Top Speed [Over Rough]39.3kph

Advantages & Disadvantages

  • Armour (3)
  • Damage Threshold (3)
  • Maximum Speed (6)
  • Maximum Weight (15)
  • Power Consumption (4)

Part Rankings

Defensive Locomotor6th