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Welcome to the Power Plant Store!

Presented here are our selection of Mech power plants, giving your Mechs the much needed power they require to fuel their power hungry parts. Without Power Plants, Mechs are little more than heavy lumps of metal, plastic and ceramic parts.

-ArtworkPart NameWeightWEArmourARDamage ThresholdDTPower OutputPOSpecial RulesRatingPrice
View this productOmacron PlantOmacron Plant323145 star rating£1.11
View this productHercules GeneratorHercules Generator233115 star rating£1.07
View this productDrow Class GeneratorDrow Class Generator333125 star rating£1.08
View this productDisord Pattern Power GeneratorDisord Pattern Power Generator233104.5 star rating£1.05
View this productDaecon Pattern Power PlantDaecon Pattern Power Plant243105 star rating£1.07
View this productMaxitron Power GeneratorMaxitron Power Generator234105 star rating£1.07
View this productMinitron Power GeneratorMinitron Power Generator24394.5 star rating£1.04
View this productThunder-Pattern GeneratorThunder-Pattern Generator253125 star rating£1.14
View this productTrinity Power GeneratorTrinity Power Generator464105 star rating£1.08