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Mech Pilots are a breed apart from the average "citizen" of Techniconica and although many are little more than mercenaries for higher, many will readily fight and die for a cause.

-ArtworkPart NameAccuracyACFortitudeFOBottle ThresholdBTRe-RollsRRSpecial RulesRatingPrice
View this productElite PilotElite Pilot58415 star rating£1.07
View this productExperienced PilotExperienced Pilot38435 star rating£1.07
View this productNovice PilotNovice Pilot28445 star rating£1.07
View this productNewbie PilotNewbie Pilot18455 star rating£1.07
View this productVeteran PilotVeteran Pilot48425 star rating£1.07
View this productYulan LoggYulan Logg51042Fearless, Orator5 star rating£2.42
View this productZombas HullerilZombas Hulleril41043Fearless5 star rating£2.31
View this productNalkian TigurnNalkian Tigurn4953Couragous5 star rating£2.08
View this productOrlian NumlOrlian Numl59525 star rating£2.01
View this productCarl XanonCarl Xanon58625 star rating£1.13
View this productKyraio QuinneKyraio Quinne48645 star rating£1.15
View this productLaxcore CullLaxcore Cull58635 star rating£1.41
View this productMaxiron ThaelMaxiron Thael46745 star rating£1.13
View this productZearian WorissZearian Woriss39555 star rating£1.15