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Welcome to the Locomotor Store!

Locomotors provide the means for locomotion, allowing most Mechs to traverse across the battlefield under their own power. Locomotors come in a variety of different sizes, types and offer different options.

-ArtworkPart NameArmourARDamage ThresholdDTPower ConsumptionPCSpeedSPMaximum WeightMWSpecial RulesRatingPrice
View this productWar-Scythe Tracked LocomotorWar-Scythe Tracked Locomotor5352204.5 star rating£1.00
View this productGauntlet Pattern Tracked LocomotorGauntlet Pattern Tracked Locomotor332412Turbo-booster4 star rating£1.05
View this productLight Bipedal WalkerLight Bipedal Walker2316124 star rating£1.62
View this productLancer Pattern Bipedal LocomotorLancer Pattern Bipedal Locomotor2432144 star rating£0.87
View this productDual-Tracked LocomotorDual-Tracked Locomotor4332204.5 star rating£1.02
View this productAnti-Grav PodAnti-Grav Pod233412Turbo-Booster3.5 star rating£1.00
View this productStalker LocomotorStalker Locomotor3344154 star rating£0.92
View this product6 Wheeled Locomotor6 Wheeled Locomotor3224144 star rating£0.92
View this productQuadpedial WalkerQuadpedial Walker3532144 star rating£0.92
View this productAnti-Grav HoverAnti-Grav Hover2226103.5 star rating£0.85
View this productBipedal WalkerBipedal Walker1314124 star rating£0.87
View this productHeavy Track UnitHeavy Track Unit6424185 star rating£1.11
View this productLight Track UnitLight Track Unit4312144 star rating£0.93