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Lightened Armour Part Card

Lightened Armour

Buy this premium Techniconica Part Card today and add it to your Techniconica collection.

Each card is printed on thick card stock and should last a long time and serve you well in your Mech battles and beyond!

Each Card represents a single piece of a Mech and each card does a specific job for your Mech. Power Plants generate power, Cockpits house your pilots, Weapons are used to fight with and Locomotors are used to give your Mechs mobility.

This part is a Modification type card and modifications directly change one or more aspects of the part they are attached to. They may give it additional special rules and/or increase or decrease a specific stat..

This particular Part Card has a Weight (WE) of 0, a Power Consumption (PC) of 0 as well an Armour (AR) rating of 0 and a Damage Threshold (DT) of 0. For a view a detailed breakdown of this cards stats, click here.

Game Stats

Special Rules-1 Armour,
-1 Weight (Minimum of 1)

Part Background


By reducing the armour on a part, a Mech engineer can reduce the effective weight of a Mech part, allowing a Mech assembler to install more parts on the same Locomotor.

The overall weight saving is small on a per part basis, but if used across multiple parts, the weight savings can often mean you can get additional weaponry, or a back up power plant on a Mech.