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Disord Pattern Power Generator Part Card

Disord Pattern Power Generator

This is a premium Techniconica Part Card which will enable you to play the game of Techniconica or expand your existing collection of Part.

Each card is printed on thick card stock and should, with care, last a long time and serve you well in your battles!

Each Card represents a single piece of a Mech and each card does a specific job for your Mech. Power Plants generate power, Cockpits house the pilot, Weapons are used to fight with and Locomotors are used to give your Mechs mobility.

This part is a Power Plant type card and it is the power plants which power the Mechs on the battlefield. Some are petrol guzzling internal combustion engines, others are hydro-powered fuel cells and some of the higher end are miniaturised nuclear and fission reactors..

This part has a Weight of 2, a Power Consumption of 0 as well an Armour rating of 3 and a Damage Threshold of 0. For a view a detailed breakdown of the cards stats, click here.

Part Advantages & Disadvantages

  • Armour (3)
  • Damage Threshold (3)
  • Weight (2)
  • Power Output (10)

Game Stats

Part TypePower Plant
Damage Threshold
Power Output
Special Rules


Technical Specifications

Armour Thickness347.5mm
Effective Armour Thickness490mm
Estimated Credit Cost57,848kr
Peak Power Output434.9kw/sec

Part Artwork



The small, Disord Pattern power generator uses fission material to generate heat which in turn power miniature steam generators which turn the heat into electrical energy for the Mech to consume.

Few can doubt the efficiency of the Disord Pattern, they are cheap to run given a suitable supply of fission-able material and easy to build and diagnose out in the field when they do break down.


Often employed by long range patrols due to their ease of maintenance and their long running nature, they use relatively low amounts of fuel for their energy output. Disord Pattern are also much sought after by pirates in the western deserts for much of the same reason, where they can pilfer the fuel rods from passing courier trains as and when required.