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At the center of every Mech is an armoured cacoon which protects the pilot from incoming fire as well as providing them with all the nessecary controls to enable them to control the Mechs many systems.

-ArtworkPart NameWeightWEArmourARDamage ThresholdDTPower ConsumptionPCSpecial RulesRatingPrice
View this productVault Pattern CockpitVault Pattern Cockpit24324.5 star rating£0.75
View this productHerald-Crux Pattern CockpitHerald-Crux Pattern Cockpit3332Cloak4.5 star rating£0.89
View this productHerald Pattern CockpitHerald Pattern Cockpit23324.5 star rating£0.72
View this productGalaxia-Pattern CockpitGalaxia-Pattern Cockpit35515 star rating£0.81
View this productIowa-Pattern CockpitIowa-Pattern Cockpit25525 star rating£0.81
View this productXerxes Pattern CockpitXerxes Pattern Cockpit25315 star rating£0.78
View this productMaxitron CockpitMaxitron Cockpit35515 star rating£0.81
View this productMinitron CockpitMinitron Cockpit13315 star rating£0.77
View this productThunder-Pattern CockpitThunder-Pattern Cockpit25425 star rating£0.78
View this productTrinity CockpitTrinity Cockpit25315 star rating£0.78