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Bosc Shields Part Card

Bosc Shields

This is a premium Techniconica Part Card which will enable you to play the game of Techniconica or expand your existing collection of Part.

Each card is printed on thick card stock and should, with care, last a long time and serve you well in your battles!

Each Card represents a single piece of a Mech and each card does a specific job for your Mech. Power Plants generate power, Cockpits house the pilot, Weapons are used to fight with and Locomotors are used to give your Mechs mobility.

This part is a Shield type card and like armour, shields are there to protect the Mechs most vulnerable parts from incoming enemy fire. Unlike armour, shields are lightweight but take power to use and keep up..

This part has a Weight of 1, a Power Consumption of 2 as well an Armour rating of 3 and a Damage Threshold of 2. For a view a detailed breakdown of the cards stats, click here.

Game Stats

Part TypeShield
Damage Threshold
Power Consumption
Special Rules


Technical Specifications

Armour Thickness345.8mm
Effective Armour Thickness480mm
Estimated Credit Cost43,456kr
Power Consumption70.9kw/sec
Shield Thickness37.4mm

Part Artwork


Operation & Usage

The Bosc Shields were invented by Jarl Bosc after his Mech was caught by bandits during his travels between Prain and Raglor when his Locomotor unit was damaged in the fire fight, leaving him immobile.

Only the timely intervention of several Raglorian High Guard Mechs stopped the bandits from claiming their prize.

Jarl Bosc set about creating a means of protecting his Locomotor and created an array of shield generators that project a localised energy field that repels incoming directed projectile and energy attacks.