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Sometimes, Mechs need a little more armour to make them survive the barrage of enemy fire, and we have the latest selection of Mech armours just for that very reason!

-ArtworkPart NameWeightWEArmourARDamage ThresholdDTSpecial RulesRatingPrice
View this productMaxwell ArmourMaxwell Armour2425 star rating£0.77
View this productNullstrum ArmourNullstrum Armour1515 star rating£0.78
View this productMaxitron ArmourMaxitron Armour2235 star rating£0.75
View this productMinitron ArmourMinitron Armour1225 star rating£0.75
View this productThunder-Pattern ArmourThunder-Pattern Armour2335 star rating£0.77
View this productTrinity Armour PlatingTrinity Armour Plating1425 star rating£0.78