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Techniconica: Armada Locomotor Resource Costs

The following table gives you the Resource Costs for the various Mech Locomotors from which you can build your Mech from.

Locomotor NameMax WeightSpeedResource Points
Light Track Unit1426
Heavy Track Unit18412
Bipedal Walker1246
Anti-Grav Hover1066
Quadpedial Walker1426
6 Wheeled Locomotor1448
Stalker Locomotor15611
Anti-Grav Pod1268
Dual-Tracked Locomotor20212
Lancer Pattern Bipedal Locomotor20212
Light Bipedal Walker1246
Gauntlet Pattern Tracked Locomotor1246
War-Scythe Tracked Locomotor20212
4 Wheeled Locomotor1246
8 Wheeled Locomotor16410