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The Mech Combat Card Game

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a selection of frequently asked questions about the game.

What is Techniconica?

Techniconica is a card game based around large fighting vehicles known as Mechs. Each player takes on command of one or more Mechs as they fight against rival Mech crews on the battlefield.

What Parts Do I Need For A Mech?

As a minimum, a Mech must have:-

  • 1 Cockpit
  • 1 Locomotor
  • 1 Pilot Card
  • 1+ Power Plant
  • 1+ Weapon

As long as you have the above covered, and your Mech is not Overloaded or is in Low Power mode (see our main rulebook) you can play Techniconica with your legal Mech!

Do I need a copy of the rulebook to play?

You certainly need a copy of the rules with you in some format. You can print them out yourself at home or you can buy our Rulebooks in our Shop. Alternatively, you can use the rules on your phone by downloading the rulebook to your phone or tablet.

What is a Mech?

The term Mech is a shortened form of the full name given to them which is "Mechanised Environmental Construction."

Mechs are large robotic constructs that were originally designed to handle the harsh environments of Techniconica. The original Mechs were used for mining and long-haulage over long distances, although their use in a military context has become widespread that they are considered the 'norm’ for armies to field by now.

You can read more about Mechs here

What is needed to play the game?

All you need to play is a couple of 10-sided dice, enough Techniconica cards to field one or more Mechs per player and access to the rules which can be downloaded for free, or a copy of the rulebook can be found in our shop.