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Are you a budding writer who wants to write about our universe? We want to hear from you!

Sign up in this thread, or simply send me a private message for more information!

What other games do you play?

If you have any rules queries, please bring them here and I'll see clarify them for you!

We've got plenty more Tips & Tacticas planned to come soon!

Below is the growing list of tactica articles we've written about the game to get you started.
[list][li][url="][b]Choosing Pilots[/b][/url][/li]
[li][url=][b]Pilot Morale[/b][/url][/li][/list]

Our forums are there to be enjoyed by all Techniconica players and ensure a smooth forum, we required moderators who are dedicated and enthusiastic and whom are willing to go the extra mile to help new players and members.

If you think this is you and you want to help out, you can become a moderator for the forum.

[b]Please note that we don"„¢t usually allow members to become a moderator if they ask. Just bear that in mind.[/b]

If you want to become a moderator, show us your stuff by helping out your fellow members "€œ it will be noticed and after a while, we will ask you to become a moderator. If you accept, then you will be given a board (or two) to watch over.

Forum Games / Three Word Story
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Welcome to the three  word story. Rules are simple, just continue the stpry by posting three words at a time.

I will start:
There was a ...

Introduce Yourself / Hi
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I am Stephen, designer and creator of Techniconica.

My hobbies include warhammer, playing video game and writing as well as designing stuff like websites.

By day I am a web developer and by night, I work on here pushing the game forward.

If ypu have any questions, ask away.

Try to avoid double posting in topics (aka posting 2 posts in s row in a single topic).
Don't post useless posts for the purpose of raising post counts which don"„¢t add anything to the discussion.
Do not "flame" "€œ i.e. posting offensive posts, jokes or slurs on the community forums or insulting another member, entity or organisation. This includes linking to other sites that openly insult or that may be deemed offensive.
Remain respectful of the other forum users "€œ even if you disagree with another member"„¢s post or views, remain respective of their opinion and values at all times.
Do not post anything illegal or encourage others to do illegal activity or promote warez, torrent sites, illegal program downloading or the promotion of illegal drugs. Posting pornographic material or copyrighted material is against community rules.

[size=15pt][b]Links & Advertising[/b][/size]
If you want to post a link, make sure it is relevant to the topic being discussed. Don't post links that are purely promotional or are there to advertise something. If you are trying to promote a website or cause, ask one of the admins for permission before hand.
Also make sure its abundantly clear where the link points to from your post.
The admins have little control over the content of links and if you think something should be there, please contact a mod.
The only place that you may publically advertise without admin"„¢s approval is in your forum signature "€œ although if the staff or other members feel your signature is inappropriate, is insulting or vulgar, then we may ask you to change it (or modify it on your behalf in the case of grossly offending signatures/avatars).

Each member may only have a single account registered at any one time.
Duplicate accounts will be removed and the primary account will be disciplined at the staff"„¢s discretion.

[size=15pt][b]Disciplinary Procedures[/b][/size]
Should a member break the rules, the applicable punishment will depend on the severity of the infraction and any past history of breaking the rules.
Normally, we would give a [b]verbal warning[/b] in the first instance.
If they continue to break the rules, a written warning will be given to the member.
A further 2 written warnings will be given before we ban the account.
For severe infractions like posting pornographic images, for example, such actions may result in an immediate ban at the staff"„¢s discretion.
We may also set a warning level for each user "€œ this may result in temporary suspension of your posting privileges. If this is the case, you"„¢ll see a warning in your forum profile "€œ warnings given this way will degrade over time.

[size=15pt][b]Signature & Avatars[/b][/size]
Through your profile, you may set a forum avatar and signature "€œ please bear in the mind the following guidelines.
Avatars are scaled down to 115 to 115.
Maximum size of signature images is 600 pixels wide by 250 pixels high. Please keep the file size to a minimum and keep the animation down to a minimum as well "€œ and please, no flashing images.
Please keep the avatars and signatures tasteful "€œ no insulting or rude jokes or content please!
Do not include misleading links or link to illegal sites or those that promote the spread of computer viruses.

The forum uses a reputation system, you need 25 posts to gain the ability to "smite" and "applaud" a fellow member.
If you see a particularly helpful post, then you can applaud them for their efforts, likewise if you see someone who has begun to troll, then you can "smite" them.
If the staff think you are abusing the ability, we may temporarily (or permanently) remove your reputation abilities.

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